Worth the wait

Nadine left Gaza yesterday for her overdue gastro appointment at Sheba Hospital. When she arrived with her mother and some coworkers, they told her the doctor is not here so she should come back today. After the unexpected stay overnight with us in our house in Ashdod, we headed to Sheba Hospital today for her appointment.

The doctor spoke a little bit with Nadeen’s mother and sent us to do a blood test to make sure everything is as good as it seems. Nadeen was crying a lot while waiting for the blood test but every now and then she showed us her beautiful smile. As most children, Nadeen also was not amused with getting a blood test done so it was hard for her mother to see her sweet daughter cry so much. While the blood was sent to the lab, we waited with the other coworkers who also spend their day here. All the waiting was worth it as soon as the doctor told us that they didn’t find anything concerning and that Nadeen is fine.

We thank the Lord that Nadeen is so healthy after her previous issues. Pray for her so that she can continue to grow into a beautiful little girl.