Yaman’s brush with the ER

This morning around 7:30 AM I went downstairs and Yaman’s mother came out into the garden to talk to me with Yaman who was congested, breathing fast and visibly altered. He looked feverish and was not his usual cheery self.

We called the hospital and they advised us to take him to the ER which we did. They have already done a number of tests but as of right now, they are not finding anything unusual.

It is now 2:30 in the afternoon, and we were told to go to the Echo/Doppler clinic to take an echo of his chest, which will be done using color instead of just black and white. Dr. Julius did the examination. He concluded that Yaman has a small amount of liquid collecting in his lung area, which is pneumonia most likely. He said it was very wise that we came to the hospital this morning. They are going to keep Yaman in the Pediatric Ward for the night at least, yet he could be here for a week according to Dr. Julius. And although the doctor is still happy with the results of the heart surgery of last week, with this suspicion that Yaman has pneumonia, Yaman will be given antibiotics and they will see if that solves the problem.

Yaman and his mom are back in the same room they were in before in the pediatric section. It’s one of the protected rooms for contagious diseases.

After receiving medicine, I saw Yaman’s laugh for the first time since yesterday.