Yousef, in the ICU, ahead of surgery

Little Yousef was called into Sheba hospital for a corona test ahead of an admission for surgery. As we arrived, there was a big party outside, and we met the nurse who was due to give him the test. As we got into discussions, it came to light that Yousef has had a bad tummy for a few days, so the doctors decided to wait for this to clear before surgery.

The nurse checked his oxygen. We were surprised to see it very low, around 50-60%. Because of this, Yousef was taken to the ER, and later hospitalised, firstly to the general ward. His oxygen continued to drop lower, even when given supplemental oxygen. The machines read at around 30% at times.

It was a very difficult day for Yousef’s mother. She did her best to hold herself together and care endlessly for her baby. She grew tired as she fought back tears, whilst her baby was surrounded by multiple doctors and nurses working on Yousef. Some of the other Kurdish mothers came to give their support to Yousef’s mum, having her first day in the hospital, which was very beautiful to see. Yousef was later transferred to the ICU, as his oxygen although improved, had not stablized enough for him to remain in the general ward. Please pray for God’s peace to fill the heart of this beautiful mother as she spends her first night in hospital in Israel.