Yousef recovering well

As yesterday was Yousef’s second surgery, today he remains intubated as his body adjusts to the surgical results. The hospital said that his mother is always looking quite anxious, and asked us to tell her that everything is okay with Yousef. When co-worker Georgia and I entered the ICU at Sheba hospial, we saw Yousef’s mother and another Kurdish mother together in the hall.

We thought it would be nice to go outside. The four of us ventured there for a much-needed break from the ICU. This time of year, for a few weeks only, there are two trees on the hospital grounds that are in full bloom right in front of the hospital. In the warm breeze, they rain down their purple blossoms with benches right underneath them which is where we sat for awhile today.

The moms, Georgia and I enjoyed taking pictures. At one point, Yousef’s mother recognized a group of doctors and nurses who were present for Yousef’s surgery yesterday. She approached them tentatively to see if they remembered her, and they did.

She ended up getting a selfie with them! The days have been quite full at the hospital, so getting to spend quality time with Yousef’s mother was a gift for us. Please continue to pray for her son in the midst of his recovery.