Yousif needs a little patience

Today, Yousif had to return to Sheba hospital after he was discharged to Jaffa a week ago, to have an echo-cardiogram.  Yousif did very well during the echo and cried just a little bit, but his mother gave him milk and he stopped crying immediately. It is always such a privilege to be a witness of how beautiful the relationships are between the parents and children in this work.

The outcome of the Echo indicated that Yousif cannot yet return back to Kurdistan because the doctor feels it’s not safe yet. Yousif has to continue with his treatment in the same way as before and the doctor wants to see him again after two weeks.

Yousif’s mother was quite upset about this news. She must exercise patience on behalf of her little Yousif. Your prayers for ongoing patience in this whole situation and for a good recovery for Yousif are much appreciated.