Yousif’s first assessment

Yousif had his first appointment at Sheba hospital today. He had an echo that lasted for about an hour as the cardiologist and technician worked to thoroughly capture the structure of his heart. His mum was amazing. This is her first baby and he is only one and a half months old. She calmed him and got him to sleep. The doctor confirmed he needs the arterial switch surgery, which was the recommendation in Kurdistan.

First appointment days for our Kurdish children are often very long, usually involving an echo, a blood test, and an X-ray. Today I thought about Yousif’s mother, and how she is managing to be taking in this entirely new country and hospital system, that this must be requiring tremendous trust and courage for her to adjust to everything as swiftly as it is coming and I witnessed that trust and courage in her at her son’s first appointment today. Thank you for your prayers for this family.