Emergency surgery for Zaed at midnight

We took baby Zaed to Hadassah Hospital on January 7th for admission, and his surgery was performed on January 10th. The surgery was five hours in duration and was satisfactory according to his doctors, thank God.  In the mean time, I was able to pray for Zaed’s mom; she was grateful for the support.

However last night, we received a notification that Zaed was bleeding and needed to go back to surgery at midnight. Today, I was visiting them again and he is recovering very well. I had the opportunity to talk to his doctor who said baby Zaed is showing a fast recovery, thank the Lord.

So I got together with Zaed’s mom and the baby, praising God for His goodness! I am grateful to God for allowing me to be a part of this process, and for opening the heart of Zaed’s mom who let me pray for her.

Let us keep praying for a full and smooth recovery. Shalom to all of you!