Zaed’s surgery

The day started early in the morning for this small baby, at 8:20 approximately he was being moved to the surgery room of Hadassah Hospital. His mom looked tired but expectant for a good result, she is a quiet person and not very talkative, maybe due to our language barrier.

This barrier sometimes makes communication more complicated, but we always try to find the way using technology. I invited her for a small walk at the hospital’s park. While at the park, after a few minutes, she wanted to come back to the waiting room. I explained to her that the doctor would call me if there was any news, as they do call every hour to let us know what is happening, which is awesome, – still she felt more comfortable in the waiting room.

We waited for approximately eight hours. The last message I received came in Hebrew which I then translated, letting us know that the surgery was already finished.

Zaed was moved to the ICU.  He is stable and will be under sedation for a while; the surgery was complicated because our little baby has a complex diagnosis. The doctor also mentioned that Zaed’s liver and pancreas are placed in the opposite side of his body. He will be under sedation for a while to wait for his body’s response.

Please keep praying for this baby and his mom. They are needing it urgently.