Our Father knows what we need

Today was one of the days in Sheba hospital when a lot happened. Just when I didn’t know how to divide myself by three because three of our children were in Echo-cardiograms at the same time and the doctor wanted to talk to me about one of the children. I was thankful when Co-worker Sebastian came at just the right time. The Lord knows exactly what we need even before we ask him.

Our sweet little Zakaria and his extremely kind mother had to travel from Gaza to the hospital today for an Echo, an ECG and a stomach examination. Co-worker Sebastian was with the loving mother and her sweet son in the Echo, while I tried to have the examinations and conversations with the doctors with the other two children.

Sebastian said that Zakaria has been one of the most relaxed children he has accompanied so far during an Echo and ECG. The Echo showed that Zakaria’s little heart is very weak, so he has to continue taking his medicine as before and nothing has changed with that. Due to the fact that the Echo and the waiting for the doctor took so long today, the loving mum and little Zakaria were not able to keep their appointment for the abdominal examination. Therefore, co-worker Sebastian and I brought them to our community house in Jaffa today where they will spend the night and make their rescheduled appointment tomorrow.

It was nice for Zakaria, his friendly mother and co-worker Alena to see each other again. Everyone was happy to see them again.  Zakaria’s mother is a very relaxed and calm person with a cool sense of humour. When co-worker Sebastian and I put her in the car today and told her to please wait, she didn’t complain at all that it took us about an hour to get back to the van with another child to transport along with them. The lord also knows that we needed her patience today.

Please continue to pray for our little Zakaria and his kind mother.