Zakaria returns for a follow-up

It was joy to welcome back Zakaria today! He was discharged to return home to Gaza about two months ago and has returned today for follow-up exams in the coming days. After a long, hard stay in the hospital this past summer and fall, just seeing his beautiful, smiling face was amazing. His mother’s meticulous care of him has ensured that he is doing really well.

When we got to the hospital we had to wait a little while for Zakaria’s hospital room to be made ready, so we sat outside and drank coffee from the small shop near the Children’s wing of the hospital. For the families coming out of Gaza, the days are very long. They have to go from their house in Gaza to the Gaza/Israel border, through intense security, an (at least) hour-long car ride to the hospital, and then wait some more at the hospital until things are settled. This makes the moments where we can give them some respite from an otherwise chaotic day, is something we Shevet workers all try to find ways to do.

After a rapid Corona test which was thankfully negative, we went up to the room prepared for Zakaria. Interestingly, most of the staff recognized Zakaria from his previous stay.

Please pray for Zakaria as he undergoes these rounds of tests! For all that he has gone through, such as being on the ECMO machine, please pray for God’s continued grace, that little Zakaria’s body would continue to prove resilient.