Ziad is a miracle

I found Ziad in a general pediatric ward today- he was sleeping soundly in his crib. I was so happy to see him and his dad. I had seen them before I left for some vacation. Ziad was in the ICU and hanging on to life. Now however, a nurse told me he is doing a lot better than before. His fever was down today, which is a good sign as well.

When I saw his dad, he was on the phone with Ziad’s mother. She is as beautiful as always and looked so well. I received a virtual tour of their house in Gaza on the phone. I really am in awe of Ziad’s parents; the commitment they have for each other and their family is so strong.

Please keep praying for this beautiful family; Ziad is a miracle, his parents know this, and treasure him. This beautiful boy is still in need of prayer throughout this time.