Ziad is in first surgery recovery

Ziad underwent his first surgery for Hirschsprung’s disease. His mom had to release him into the arms of the doctors once again. Not for the first time, her poise and strength during Ziad’s surgery amazed me. She is so committed to him and to doing what he needs.

The operation was in the General Hospitalization Tower of Sheba Medical Center, so we were surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the nearby mall and pedestrian traffic hurrying down the corridors. We got coffee from the shop and for about three hours vacillated between sipping it, talking, laughing, becoming Facebook friends, and concentrating in silence.

There was a television screen in the waiting area that told the names of the patients, what time they went into surgery and what stage they were in – operating room, recovery rooms, or released to the ward. It was cool because I can’t speak Hebrew, but I know enough to read, so I could type into ‘Google Translate’ for what the words meant.

At around 2:30 in the afternoon, theĀ  location status next to his name changed to recovery, signaling his surgery was done. Not even five minutes later, a nurse came outside to call in Ziad’s mom. She remained with him there until being transferred again to the children’s hospital.

Even though this wasn’t open heart surgery, Ziad’s mom still felt fear that his body, which has undergone so much, would fail. But thank God that he has made it safely through another operation. Thanks for your prayers for this little fellow.