Ziad’s closure surgery successful

A week after the surgery to treat a wound infection, Ziad’s chest was successfully closed today at Sheba Medical Center. His mother came down to the fourth floor waiting area to spend there.

It was a busy day as there were three Gaza families that came to the hospital for admissions, and there was an Echo appointment. But I thank God because the timing worked out where I could be fully present with Ziad’s mother for most of the closure procedure.

She has been through this many times, and today was a minor procedure compared to some of the other operations Ziad has been through. She has become like a sister to me and so just to be there with her was a priority. No matter how long of a day it was, spending time with her is always something I look forward to.

Please keep praying for this family. It is my prayer that the Gaza border will approve permission for her husband to come and be Ziad’s guardian for a time so she can return home and embrace her two other boys.