Ziad’s surgery a success today

The last thing we heard of Ziad’s condition was on Thursday, that he had a fever and therefore his surgery would not likely be today, Sunday. However, I found his mum diligently waiting in the area outside the operating room. She recognized me before I recognized her. She had a mask up to her eyes and was wearing clothes I had never seen her in before. She walked towards me and greeted me.

She said Ziad, was in fact, in surgery. He was taken in at 8:30 a.m. and came out at around 4:30 p.m.
Since Sheba Medical Center has restrictions, that there can only be myself and co-worker Georgia attending families at the hospital due to the ongoing precautions against the Corona virus and because today was a hectic day with a lot to do in it, I couldn’t spend the time I wanted to by Ziad’s mother’s side for the surgery.

Ziad requires substantial medical intervention in addition to his cardiac care, and requires some care toward his neurological problems as well, which his mum is very concerned about. When the surgeon came to say the surgery was finished and that he was really happy with the results, she asked if it would help him walk, but the surgeon answered no, this is sometimes a different problem apart from the heart.

One of the first things Ziad’s mother told me when we met nearly three weeks ago, was that she loves her son very much. I can’t fathom how deeply she must desire his whole person to be well. We can pray for this, that God will provide and make a way for Ziad to receive treatment in every area of need. We also thank God and rejoice in the victory of a very successful surgery. His mother asked that no post-operative picture of Ziad be taken, so we thought that a beautiful picture of  him will be perfect to look at and to help us remember to pray for this wonderful boy.