“Zor bash” – very good

This morning at Sheba hospital, little Mohammed had a successful second surgery to correct the transposition of his great arteries. The surgery lasted several hours. Directly after, I was able to speak with two doctors and a nurse, all of whom gave the same optimistic report: the surgery was successful and Mohammed is stable and doing very well, though still sedated and needing intubation.

I had to wait for co-worker Julio, a Kurdish speaker, to arrive to translate the full report for Mohammed’s aunt, but I was able to tell her everything was “zor bash — very good!” She began to cry and kept repeating, “Hamdullah, hamdullah! — praise God!.”

While Mohammed was in surgery, I was able to spend much of the time sitting with his aunt, who was very nervous and eager for news. She has had quite a difficult time in the hospital being the only Kurdish speaker in the ICU, and I was grateful for other Kurdish parents also in the hospital, who stopped by and helped with translating updates from the doctors.

Praise God for a successful operation, and please pray that Mohammed will remain stable and make a full recovery.