Kids Pulling for Kids


It’s not just adults pulling for the kids at Shevet Achim to make it through open heart surgery – other kids are pulling too. Third and fourth grade students at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship in Mountain View, California pray on a regular basis for the children at Shevet – some of whom are also in the third or fourth grade.

It must be a powerful experience to pray for someone that is the same age as you yet worlds away in location, health, culture, language, and faith. It certainly is a powerful experience to observe, anyways. As we in Jerusalem try to hammer out what it means to daily love our neighbors as ourselves, we can learn something from the example of these young people in the United States who are faithfully asking God to bless people that are very different from themselves, yet also made in His image.

Recently a group from Abundant Life visited our building in Jerusalem, and Shevet kids presented them with a box-full of homemade bookmarks, an art project they made. Those bookmarks have now made it across the Atlantic Ocean and to California, where they were given to the third and fourth graders, whose Sunday School class is called Safari Kids.

Here are pictures of the Safari Kids holding their new bookmarks, acting goofy, and praying: