Doing My Part

Jessica Thurley, October 28, 2012


My name is Jessica and I’m fourteen years old. I first saw the work of Shevet Achim in action when we visited the Wolfson Medical Centre in Tel Aviv, Israel when I was just five (above picture). On that occasion I filled a suitcase with soft toys to give to the children.


The ministry brings mostly Arab children with heart defects to Israel. They are assisted by Christian volunteers who help them get to the medical centre, where they are treated by Jewish hospital staff. These doctors work all year round to bring about specialist treatment to the children. Our Church started to support Shevet Achim recently and then I began to get interested in the work and decided I would like to raise money for the ministry. I have a stall selling hand-made goods at our Church outreach every week, and the profits go to Shevet Achim.

Jessica at Step Inside

I also give a monthly update to the congregation, telling them about the children being treated in Israel and how they can pray. More recently an article about how I raise funds was written in the Shevet  UK June newsletter. I was also interviewed in October at a Christian conference by Peter James, one of the UK Trustees. He asked me questions about my involvement and how I raise money. I really enjoy supporting this amazing work. It’s encouraging to see how so many children’s lives are affected by the brilliant devotion of staff and volunteers who support this project. Jessica Thurley, North Wales (14)

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