Climbing The Highest Peak In Wales

Clive Owen, September 16, 2012

localleadersblog-mountainTony pointing to the summit of Snowdon

Our sponsored “walk” up Snowdon (the highest mountain in Wales and second highest in the UK) last Wednesday, September 6th was completed successfully. It was a hard climb but my friend Tony Hathaway and I made it to the top. Our aim as we traversed the rough terrain was to collect donations for the children under Shevet’s wing. This spurred us on as the weather suddenly closed in on us, and as we made the summit we could hardly see our hands in front of our faces. Such is the nature of mountains, and especially Snowdon, in North Wales. It has that reputation: valley floor flooded with sunshine but mountaintop shrouded in cloud, mist and even rain. However, we rejoiced in the ability from the Lord to undertake this small venture for “our neighbour” who is like ourselves. We arrived home after a seven-hour ascent and descent, and a five-hour drive back to Newport, feeling tired but overjoyed.

localleadersblog-twomenClive and Tony with the Shevet balloon, designed by Clive’s granddaughter Ella

We hope to repeat our mountain climbing venture next year for the same cause. The climb has been sponsored by those from our Fellowship and friends of Shevet UK. Clive Chair of Shevet UK

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