A God Who Loves Life


Last Sunday, six Shevet volunteers joined four of our Kurdish families on an expedition to the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo! None of the children or their mothers had ever enjoyed such an experience before. So, it was a delight to view God’s creatures in the company of their fresh curiosity and wonder. The afternoon sun had already cooled and crowds had dwindled, providing the perfect atmosphere for our “walking safari.”

With snacks and strollers in tow, we began the tour at the monkey enclosure. Everyone was entertained by their boisterous antics. Two of them graciously stopped to pose for this picture:


The mothers were especially taken with the Asian elephants. They stood gazing into the enclosure, becoming like little girls once more.


As we walked through the verdant grounds of the zoo, Sarina and her mom sat down for a rest beside the flowers. Sarina’s mom excitedly pointed out a rosemary herb, which she loves to cook with in Kurdistan.


As we moved towards the giraffes and zebras, Vina could hardly contain her delight!


Ryan held her up high so she could get a better view.


When I asked if she liked the animals, she answered with a big smile that shows off all her missing teeth.


Fatimah, whose energy supply is endless despite needing heart surgery, took to the wide open spaces to run and explore. This beautiful portrait captures a rare moment of stopping to catch her breath.


Meanwhile, Rahand took in everything with wide inquisitive eyes. I imagine his healthy heart is giving him new perspective on the world around him.


Just as the zoo was closing, we gathered in front of a model of Noah’s ark to commemorate the day. What a perfect reminder of God’s love for every creature great and small, and His desire to rescue lives both then and now.