Access Denied

Should the “Shevet Achim” principle from Psalm 133 (brothers living together in unity) be extended beyond medical care?

accessdenied-signOur work started in 1994 when we first came face to face with the reality that many of our neighbors’ children couldn’t get into the hospitals in Israel for essential, lifesaving treatment.

Did you know that a Muslim-background believer can’t get into any of the large evangelical seminaries in the Middle East in order to study the scriptures? Because of pressures from their host governments, these schools feel they have to exclude the majority of people in the region.

If there is any country in the Middle East that respects freedom of religion enough to allow Muslims to openly study the Bible, it is Israel. Why not invite those among our neighbors who have open minds and open hearts to come and learn the history of all that God has done in this land?

We’re seeing it happen on a small scale as parents come with their childen for heart surgeries, and spend a few months with us in Jerusalem. Now, as I look through a glass dimly at the future of our work, I want to ask if we should open a purely educational wing of our community. We’ve long felt it would be wise to open a children’s home down closer to the major medical centers in Tel Aviv. Prophets Street could then become more the administrative and educational hub of our community.

Would you pray with us about whether this possibility is from the Lord, and then share your thoughts with us here on this page?