Breaking bread together

Dear friends,

It feels like it is a season of waiting, and we ask that you would join us in prayer for trusting in God’s perfect timing.

The hospital is at full capacity, caring for children in need of critical care, including Ziad and Fayez who are currently in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Sheba. On Wednesday, Ziad required cardiopulmonary resuscitation twice. He continues to fight for his life, we ask that God would give both Ziad and his mother strength.

Yesterday Fayez, after a diagnostic cardiac catheterization which was intended to check if he was ready for his next surgery, was transferred to the ICU in need of additional support:

fayezAs the hospital wards are full of children, the children either have the choice to wait with us in Israel or to return to Gaza, where they will be quarantined due to coronavirus. Our Shevet houses are starting to be filled again, with three children in Jerusalem and six in Jaffa. We are also expecting Mohammed Y to return to the Jaffa center later today, for observation prior to returning to Gaza as he recovers from a major heart operation:

mohd yIn the waiting we are choosing to cherish the little moments in life, like enjoying time together at the park.

parkWe also had the joy of celebrating the third birthday of Maryam from Iraq this week as she waits for her next interventional cardiac catheterization (pictured below center):

mimiWe are waiting for the next steps for our Gaza children with electrophysiological heart issues, Mohammed and Anas, who are currently wearing Holter monitors at our Jaffa home:

mohd anasMeanwhile we have little MariamLeen M, and Omar at Hadassah all awaiting cardiac surgeries. Leen A is waiting for eye surgery:

waitingIt has also been a season of new relationships, and the atmosphere has greatly changed with almost all the families originating from Gaza. As we wait, we’ve been blessed with more time to build relationships. Anas’ mother baked a chocolate-orange cake and invited all in the house to gather around the table and to fellowship together. It was a beautiful moment with the children laughing and playing on the balcony, and the mothers were sharing stories about their families. We hope that one day we will all be gathered together, breaking bread and commemorating the works of Messiah.

cakePlease pray as we wait, together.

The Shevet Achim community