How to share our lives

Dear praying friends,

As we studied the scriptures together this week, we meditated on these words in James:

But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere.
James 3:17

Please pray with us that we would receive this wisdom, and be growing and walking in these ways. As always with life at Shevet, things are changing. It is a pleasure to be a part of something which is never stagnant and full of life, and to be affected by the individuals who make up the family here.

We would appreciate your prayers that God would give us wisdom in how to share our lives with the Kurdish and Gazan families who are staying with us. It is a privilege and a blessing for us to be able to know these mothers (and fathers), and we have been given a great gift of time together. Please pray that we would steward this opportunity wisely, faithfully following where God opens the doors of community.

Some exciting news for our community this week is the birth of Lindsay and Amar’s second child, a healthy boy called Qais.

qaisThank God for this beautiful blessing, and please continue to lift up this special family in prayer, ever hopeful that they would be able to be reunited soon.

A lot has been happening this week; three of our Kurdish children have had successful surgeries: First was Mr Eliyas, who had a successful arterial switch surgery, just in time. He is recovering very well so far!

eliyas recoveringSecond was Asmeen, who  had a successful surgery on Tuesday. Her delightful and patient mum is very happy!

asmeen preopAsmeen’s recovery is a little slower than Eliyas’ so far. She is also undergoing further tests and assessments, as she has problems in many areas of the body. We hope that Asmeen will be able to receive all the surgeries she needs during her stay here.

It was a big week for Shireen, finally having her arterial switch surgery today!

shireen postopShe also had major dental work done this week, which should greatly reduce her risk of having an infection. Thank God that finally Shireen has been able to have this surgery, after two and a half years of waiting. God willing her body will adjust quickly to the surgery, and she will recover well. Please continue to pray for peace and strength for her mum who has been in the hospital for a long time now, and is also pregnant.

We also are grateful to God for bringing peace and patience to our home, and ask that this continues. Many of the mothers are starting to feel the strain of waiting for a surgery date. We hear that the next one to have surgery could be little Huda, we hope on Sunday!

huda preopPlease also pray for AyaAhmadAwmed and Lalo, who are all waiting for surgery dates.

We are enjoying having our little friend Mohaned from Gaza back in Jaffa with us.

mohaned with usHe will need to have physiotherapy appointments, an echo and pulmonary follow-up next week, and has another catheterization scheduled for the end of January. Please ask for God to bless his lovely mum with strength to face all this treatment. She is doing so well.

Finally, we said goodbye to a few patients this week. Mira, the surprise emergency surgery from a few weeks ago, is ready to go home to Hebron this afternoon with her father.

mira hebronDrood returned to Kurdistan after a very quick recovery from surgery:

drood leavingAnd Alaa has returned to Gaza with his faithful uncle. Thank God for the miraculous healing seen in Alaa’s life.

alaa going homeIt could be on Sunday that we are saying farewell to two wonderful Gaza families: Malik, and our long term resident Leen. Please pray God’s blessing on their leaving, especially for Leen’s mum who is tired after 6 months here, serving us all joyfully and giving everything for the health of her daughter.

leen and motherWe’re grateful for the prayers which support us and all these families. God bless you in the new year!

Georgia for Shevet Achim