What could I do to make a difference in the Middle East?

We’re all tempted to think that we lack the special abilities or training to work effectively in a different and challenging culture. But the truth is that Shevet Achim is made up of normal, everyday people who share just two characteristics: we love our neighbors unconditionally because God has loved us unconditionally. And we don’t want our doubts and fears to limit what God can do through us.

Here are some of the things we can do to care for our neighbors (there’s no one alive who can’t fulfill at least one of these tasks!):

Opportunities range from playing with the children, to shopping, driving our vehicles, administrative work, making visits to the hospital, or taking care of the historic Prophets Street building.

Here are stories of others who’ve come which can help you envision what it’s like to work with Shevet Achim;

Our community blog gives glimpses of our life together;

And our staff handbook describes the nuts and bolts of how things work at Prophets Street.

If you have questions, please write us at [email protected]. And if you’re in Jerusalem come by for a visit.

And when you’re ready to take the next step forward, here is our volunteer application.