Shevet Achim UK


Shevet Achim UK board of trustees, from left to right: Clive Owen (chair), Reverend Peter James, Lynwen Evans, Christopher Cheshire

Our Gift Aid Form (linked below) has been updated! All donations, forms, and mail should be sent to: Shevet Achim UK, PO Box 979, Taunton TA1 9PS. 

Shevet Achim UK was set up in March 2008 to raise awareness in the United Kingdom of Shevet Achim in Jerusalem – a non-profit organisation dedicated to saving the lives of Arab children with congenital heart defects by providing treatment in Israeli medical centers.

Shevet Achim is changing hearts – and minds – in a tense region of the world. One of our aims is to inform the British public about the “good news’’ of bridges of reconciliation and understanding being built between the Arab and Jewish communities through Shevet Achim. Another of our objectives is to invite people to sponsor in part, or in total, the costs of bringing Muslim children with major heart defects into Israel for treatment, these children coming primarily from Gaza, Iraq and Syria.

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The name Shevet Achim is taken from the Hebrew of Psalm 133, which says:
How good and how pleasant for brothers to dwell together in unity…
For there the LORD commanded the blessing— life forevermore.

Please feel free to contact Shevet Achim UK directly at: [email protected] – OR – PO Box 979 Taunton TA1 9PS Tel: 07525621770

Data Protection Act 2018

The charity is required to inform supporters of the following: our private and confidential database is made up of friends of Shevet Achim UK who in the past have requested or competed the charity’s sign up form for information, email and prayer requests.

Contact with such supporters is confined to sending out yearly newsletters, prayer requests and updating current situations pertaining to the charity and a response to support.

Consequently we do retain the name and address information included on the charity’s web site forms for obvious reasons. The confidential data we hold is shared with no other organisation or association and is only used in connection with Shevet UK’s ministry. 

If any of the charity’s supporters wish to know the information we confidentially hold about them, please contact us.