Aram's Heart Surgery

northern Iraq

A Wonderful Goodbye

Posted on Wed, 06/22/2011 - 07:41 by Charles_Hicks

Last night we threw a goodbye party for Aram on the roof of the Shevet Achim center in Jerusalem. Underneath the dark sky we presented Aram with a Bible in Kurdish and sang songs in Kurdish. It was wonderful.

It was a joyful occasion for Aram arrived only a month and a day ago and is already finished with everything.

This morning we gathered in the courtyard to make our final goodbyes; Aram and his mother are pictured here with our Jerusalemite coworker Muna.

Then Aram and his mother set off to return to Iraq through Jordan. Praise the Lord!

Aram Released to Return Home

Posted on Mon, 06/21/2010 - 07:41 by Charles_Hicks

Today, we went in to get an echo for Aram, hopeful that it would be his final one. His mother was really excited as we were sent up to the exam room, and then we waited for a while. Child after child at echo today were told that they were going to get to go home, and we were all hoping that Aram would be added to that string. It was finally time for Aram to go in for his echo. He was the last child to be seen today. And while he has become a much more cheerful child since surgery, he cried and wrenched back and forth as the doctor explored his heart on the echo machine.

But it all turned out to be worth it. The doctor told us that Aram is done here in Israel and can return to Iraq! He does not even have any more medication to take.

We then went to have his stitches removed and left the hospital with a communal, "Halas Moostachefa!" (which means "Bye Bye Hospital" in Arabic).

We stopped by McDonald's and we all got ice cream to celebrate. The change in Aram from a very easily disturbed baby into a much friendlier child that actually smiles has been wonderful to watch. Praise the Lord for a successful surgery. So long Aram!

Motherly Face Full of Joy and Pride

Posted on Thu, 06/17/2010 - 07:41 by Michelle_Bradburn

As we entered the hospital this morning, I was shocked by the sheer joy on the face of Aram's mother as she stood in the hall to welcome us. Her motherly face was so full of pride as she held her boy in her arms, the little boy she had thought was beyond even hoping for; now looking so much better. He was rather irritable and tired most of the day (understandably), but all signs of infection were gone, and every now and then he would let a smile shine through those beautifiul brown eyes. Thank you for all your continued prayers for this precious boy and his mom this past week.

Aram has his final echo on Monday, and if everything is well he will soon be heading home, God willing! Please pray that God would continue to bless this family with peace and hope as they wait, and that as little Aram grows stronger and stronger he would know that there is a God who loves him beyond anything his heart could imagine.

Aram's Release Is Drawing Near

Posted on Mon, 06/14/2010 - 01:00 by Ellen_Husted

Aram is doing much better! Thank you for all your prayers in regards to Aram's throat infection. The antibiotics worked wonderfully, and he is recovering well from his infection. His fever has gone down significantly, and his congestion is all but gone. Because there is still a residue of his infection, Aram will continue to be hospitalized. Please pray for the full recovery of Aram from this infection. He has an echo on Monday, and if all goes well, this may be the last one! We pray that he will continue to be healed and return home soon.

Aram's Mother Concerned

Posted on Thu, 06/10/2010 - 07:41 by Ellen_Husted
Aram is still in the hospital. As mentioned in a previous blog, he has an upper respiratory infection that is causing a fever and congestion. He is getting a regular regiment of ventilation and suction, and will begin his antibiotics today. Although his condition is not serious, Shownim, his mother is quite concerned. Today, she was crying because she thought Arams illness was due to a malfunction in his cardiac surgery. Obviously, this is not the case at all. We got a translator to explain that Arams cardiac surgery was excellent, and his
respiratory condition is something completely different. Despite the efforts of the translator, Shownim was still upset over Arams illness. Please pray for Arams mother, that she would have peace in this situation, and that she would understand her sons illness, and not be overly concerned. Also pray for Aram himself that he would be healed of this infection. Aram has an echo on Monday, and if the echo and the status if the infection are satisfactory, then he will most likely be sent home.

Aram Battling Throat Infection

Posted on Wed, 06/09/2010 - 01:00 by Ellen_Husted
Last Thursday, Aram was placed on a medication called Ventolin in order to relieve some nasal congestion and coughing. He went off the medication on Sunday but continued to have residual symptoms. This morning at 2 a.m., he had a fever of 38.2 C. We gave his some medication to take the fever down, then took him to the hospital in the morning, after determining a baseline temperature. Turns out Aram has a throat infection, and that is what has been causing the build up of mucous and the fever. He was treated with suction, and a decongestant breathing treatment. A throat culture was taken, but the result will not be known until 3 days from now. His blood test revealed elevated leukocytes (white blood cells), which are consistent with an infection. Other than that, no abnormalities were found in the blood (thank goodness). Tonight, Aram and his mother will be staying the night in the hospital for observation. Please pray that Aram will recover quickly from this illness, and that his throat and sinuses would clear of all this mucous so that he can breath comfortably.

The Change in Aram

Posted on Mon, 06/07/2010 - 01:00 by Ellen_Husted

Aram had a successful echo today! He is scheduled to have one more echo next Monday, and if that one is a success as well, then he will be going home. We have all noticed a difference in the Arams behavior; he is getting more and more adventurous and is walking and exploring on his own (something he was not able to do with his heart condition). Please pray that his next echo would be a success, and that he and his mother would be able to return to their family. Also, pray for the continuation of Arams health and that he would grow well and strong.

Still Overcoming Breathing Difficulty

Posted on Tue, 06/01/2010 - 07:41 by Charles_Hicks

Though sounding fine coming back to Shevet yesterday, it was not long before Aram began coughing again. His coughs sounded like there was congestion in his lungs. Later yesterday evening, Ellen went to check Aram's temperature and found that he had a fever. When she called the nurse last night, the nurse told her to wait until the morning to see how he was. This morning they told us to bring him in. Upon arrival, Aram was given two breathing treatments and given a breathing treatment to use with the nebulizer back at Shevet Achim for the next three days. Please keep him and his mother in your prayers.

Aram Discharged From Hospital in Record Time

Posted on Mon, 05/31/2010 - 01:00 by Charles_Hicks

Good news! Aram was brought home from the hospital today. This is the quickest surgery on record for Shevet, and soon Aram will get to go home. He arrived early last Monday morning and is already out of the hospital after receiving his surgery, praise the Lord. Now, he is only taking an iron supplement and will need to return to the doctor next week for a post-op examination. The color in his cheeks has really changed to a healthy state, and the congestion in his lungs that was there for a few days after his surgery has diminished. He is going to be going home to Iraq soon. Thank you for your prayers!

Aram Almost Ready to Leave Hospital

Posted on Sun, 05/30/2010 - 01:00 by Charles_Hicks

Today we got to see Aram and his mother, and both are doing very well. The last time that we went in, Aram had been having some post-surgery constipation problems that have since been resolved. Though Aram looked very healthy today, we were not allowed to bring him back to Shevet due to him having a small fever yesterday and the doctors hoping to keep him for observation. Dr. Tally said that Aram might be able to return to Shevet as early as tomorrow. He and his mother are in very good spirits and greatly enjoyed the visit from the Israeli government minister for Regional Cooperation today.

Praise the Lord for a successful surgery!