Abdullah 's Heart Surgery

the Gaza Strip

Back Home To Gaza

Posted on Tue, 02/03/2009 - 00:00 by Dorothy_Finlay
Abdullah and his mother were very excited when I arrived at Wolfson today. They were all packed up and Abdullah looked very smart as they waited for the van to arrive to take them home after successful surgery. He slept peacefully in the van until we reached Erez crossing.

As he woke up and rubbed his eyes, he realised that very soon he would see his father again. As the oldest son of an important Gaza resident, Abdullah now has hope for a full life. We pray that God will continue to touch his life and that of his family.

Out of the ICU and Feeling Fine

Posted on Mon, 02/02/2009 - 06:40 by Dorothy_Finlay

It was a red letter day for Abdullah and his mother as they left the ICU today and transferred to the children's ward alongside Dalal, a 14-year-old girl from Gaza, who goes for surgery tomorrow.

Abdullah was full of life and enjoyed playing with his new friend Rahid from Hebron, pictured above. Abdullah's mother was very happy and grateful for the successful surgery that has restored his heart to normal. Continue to pray for this family that they will recognise the loving hand of God in their lives.

Awake, Thirsty And Restless!

Posted on Fri, 01/30/2009 - 06:40 by Donna_Petrel
I was able to have a brief visit with Abdullah in the ICU today, and found that he is already extubated, and doing well. When we arrived, a camera crew was filming him and his mother in the ICU, so I waited until this filming was finished before checking on him. He was asking for water, and was allowed to drink tiny amounts little by little with help from the staff. He became very agitated that he could not have more water and eat something, and his mother was having a hard time quieting him. He also was not happy to have his oxygen mask back on his face, and became fretful and restless. Abdullah's mom was striving to settle him down. He was kicking and squirming in the bed as he tried to adjust to his new circumstances while under the the medication. This is not unusual behavior for a child his age waking up after surgery, but that does not reduce the stress for any mother trying to settle her son. Even after more sedatives to help him, he was still restless.

I've noticed that active children like Abdullah generally are more restless when they wake up after surgery, but soon they are able to re-engage in their favorite activities. The joy of this is that they can do so safely and full-speed-ahead once they have recuperated.

Please pray for Abdullah's mother as they face the media exposure of being the first child out of Gaza after the recent fighting there, while also dealing with the intensity of her son's surgery, on top of the experiences of war itself. Can any of us begin to imagine this?

Pray that Abdullah will have lasting memories of the good things that happened at this time in his life, when his life was saved, its course forever changed because of the concern of his Jewish neighbors. May God cause these circumstances to help this child become part of a paradigm shift toward true peace on the earth today because of His great love.

Abdullah's Surgery Day

Posted on Thu, 01/29/2009 - 06:40 by Jonathan Miles

Abdullah was old enough to know something big was happening when they wheeled him away down the corridor early this morning to the operating room. He cried all the way, with his mother trailing after him.

She waited pensively through the morning in the company of another mother and father from Hebron who have also come to Israel for their childs heart surgery.

By the time Keleigh and Erica reached the hospital early this afternoon, Abdullah was out of surgery and in the ICU.

We were able to meet up with his mother as she sat and visited with another mom in the ward. She was praising God that Abdullah's surgery went well and that the doctors were able to close the hole in his heart. The nurses said that they plan on extubating him tomorrow.

The First Child Out of Gaza

Posted on Wed, 01/28/2009 - 00:00 by Jonathan Miles

Our Jerusalem staff have battled all week to get the first children out of Gaza for heart treatment since the outbreak of fighting there on December 27, and Tuesday saw the first fruit of their efforts as six-year-old Abdullah and his mother just barely made it across the border before it was closed due to an attack on the border in the southern Gaza Strip.

Abdullah has been in treatment at the Wolfson Medical Center since 2005, and was invited for surgery even before the start of the hostilities. He is from the extended family of a top leader of the Hamas movement who was killed by an Israeli airstrike in Gaza on January 15.

Wednesday Abdullah rested, played, and was photographed by journalists. He is scheduled to go in for surgery early Thursday morning. Please pray with us for him and his family, and that his story will be a living example to all sides of the call of Jesus to love your enemies.