Adel's Heart Surgery

The Gaza Strip

The Next Improvement for Adel

Posted on Thu, 12/21/2017 - 17:06 by Johanna Ebert


Baby Adel was cleared to go home to Gaza on Sunday, December 24th. Please continue to pray for this sweet baby and his family!


Today, Maxine and I visited Adel in the hospital. At first we heard good news: Adel was moved from the ICU to the secondary ICU! This means he has improved enough to be in a less critical unit. We talked to a nurse, who told us that so far everything is good. 

Adel eats well and the CPAP machine for breathing was removed. We were able to watch the physiotherapist at work and she also assured us that Adel's movements are in order. He is very small but also a very strong boy.

We also had a good time with his aunt and other relatives of children in the ward. And we met a man who helped with the translation. We are very grateful for that. It was a very nice time for us.

Please continue praying for Adel's improvement. 

Battled Through Today

Posted on Wed, 12/20/2017 - 02:46 by Jim Baldwin

Jesse and I took the drive to Sheba today to visit one month old Adel. After a little bit of confusion as to where he was, we located him in ICU. His Aunt was not in the room when we arrived, but the little guy was awake and alert, so we spent a few minutes watching him, talking to him and lifting a prayer that God continues to heal his damaged heart. His breathing did not seem very labored and despite all the tubes protruding from his little body there was very little fussing. Though we never got an official update from a doctor, Jesse eventually tracked down his aunt who assured us he was doing well, as did the nurses who came in to clean him up and check on him. The little guy battled and made it through today, which is all any of us can hope for.

Struggling to Breathe

Posted on Mon, 12/18/2017 - 21:41 by Ben van Wijhe
Today, Andrew and I had the opportunity to visit Sheba hospital to see how Adel was doing after his surgery. But first this was my chance to show Andrew around as this was
his first Sheba visit. Now Sheba Medical Center consist of an area of approximately 0.6 sq miles with many different hospitals. So you need to know which hospital building you need, where to park, where the shops are, where to buy medicines, etc. 
After showing him around it was time to visit baby Adel. We started at Floor 6, but the nurses did not know where he was. They weren't even aware of a baby Adel being admitted. What to do? In case of problems we always phone Alexa, who has all the answers. She provided the extra information to track baby Adel down. We continued our search on Floor D. 
There he was in the ICU, hooked up on all kind of tubes and cables. I can't help but find it an uneasy sight; this poor child, so helpless and fragile. Unfortunately the aunt was away. So we found the head nurse to update us on his situation. 
Apparently Adel was extubated, but he still has problems with breathing on his own. So he is receiving some external help from machinery. He is halfway between the need to being intubated and breathing on his own. The next few hours and days will be decisive which way it will go. 
Looking at his body and watching his breathing I could see he was struggling. My fatherly instincts were saying: "you can do this Adel, breathe boy, breathe." But inwardly my spirit was praying: "please strengthen him Father, let him live." Will you pray with me? 

Adel for Surgery Tomorrow

Posted on Wed, 12/13/2017 - 21:49 by Jesse Tilman

A few of us got to visit Adel and his caretaker today at big Sheba hospital. Up on a sixth floor in one of the many large buildings there, they have a good view of the hospital complex that forms a small city.

Yousef and Anna went in first while I parked the van. When I got there,  we exchanged a few pleasantries before a nurse came by. He told us a little about the case. Adel had actually been scheduled for surgery today, but due to some technical problems, and many current cases crowding the queue, he had been rescheduled for tomorrow. 
Adel looks pretty frail and is on many medications. They had to draw some blood while we were there and it was hard to watch, though we knew it was for the best. His aunt accepted prayer for Adel and some fruit. Thank God for His top notch care for this little over a month old baby. The hospital area he is in looks brand new and there were many staff around.
Towards the end of our time there, Adel opened his eyes a little and looked around weakly through the medically-induced sleep. He's a fighter!

Loving Our Neighbors

Posted on Mon, 12/11/2017 - 22:33 by Alexa Bigl
After we were informed there was a little baby boy needing urgent care in Israel this past Thursday, we turned our eyes to God and prepared ourselves to be used by Him. Five-week-old Adel needed life-saving care and a surgical repair for his heart. He suffers from both his major arteries coming out of his right ventricle (instead of one, the pulmonary artery, from the right ventricle and one, the aorta, stemming from the left ventricle), a hole between the ventricles (lower chambers) of his heart, and a patent duct between his pulmonary artery and his aorta. The combination of his defects has him intubated and on mechanical ventilation with intense cardiac medications currently keeping him alive until he undergoes his surgical repair. Praise God, everything got sorted for Adel to arrive to Sheba Thursday evening via ambulance. It was a great opportunity for our team to pull together as many members of our community had the chance to jump in and help with small, yet important, jobs to assist in getting Adel safely to Israel. 
When visiting Adel and his aunt today, the Sheba medical team told us they did not yet know when Adel's surgery would take place. But as we talked with the doctor and his nurse, we were reassured by the excellent care he is receiving here in Israel. His aunt is also being well cared for and is feeling comfortable at the hospital with many staff members who speak Arabic and other Palestinian families staying in the same unit. 
Like many other Gaza families we have had the joy of getting to know, Adel's family has struggles with poverty and poor health. Adel's cousin, the aunt's daughter, works very long hours to make a meager living, despite have a degree from a university. And she is considered lucky to even have work. Many members of Adel's family suffer from genetic conditions also. We can easily ask God, "Why?" But in the end, it's much more important to instead seek what our place is in showing these beautiful people the love of our Heavenly Father. And as our co-worker Suhail prayed for Adel by the side of his aunt, it was made clear how simply being a vessel to pour the Father's love out is our calling. Please join us in praying for Adel and that our team on the ground here is ready to be these vessels for God's love. May the Lord's hand be on Adel physically and spiritually, and may He renew all of Adel's family, amen.