Adil's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq

Goodbye to our Cute and Smiling Adil

Posted on Tue, 05/17/2016 - 20:54 by Valentina Jaimes Vargas

I remember perfectly the first time that I saw Adil. He was very shy and he only felt comfortable being with his father. Despite this I knew that he was an amazing child, and I do not doubt that since his first day in our Shevet community, God has done an incredible work in his life. So, yesterday evening we simply praised God for His mercy over this little boy's life. 

Last night at the farewell party, we could see how Adil had won each of our hearts. Every detail and time that was spent into making everything look lovely for him was a reflection of how much we love him. Even before the party began, Adil was enjoying time with each of us and, likewise, we took advantage of those last moments with him.
Throughout the course of the party he looked very happy! We enjoyed a delicious dinner and spending time with guests. The parting words were not easy because Adil and his father have created special ties with all of us and the whole community agrees that they have blessed our lives in their simplicity, joy and love that they feel for one another. We also admire the way his in which his father works to make him happy.
The time of giving gifts was special for us, because we had the chance to make them happy and this only reflects a part of the love that we feel for them. Seeing Adil playing with the toys that we gave him filled our souls with joy. As a special gift we gave him a photo album so they will never forget how much we love them and that they will be able to remember their experience of living with us in community. 
Despite the goodbye being difficult for us, we are so happy that this little boy is going back to his mother and family. We also know that God will be with him for every step and we ask God that this family can see and understand His love from this experience. Thank you God because your mercy is amazing, and we thank you for answering our prayers and allowing us to see the miracle in Adil's life.
Goodbye to our cute and smiling Adil!

It is time to say "Bye Bye"

Posted on Mon, 05/16/2016 - 23:34 by Rebekah Yang

Adil was so excited to go for his heart surgery echo follow-up today. On our way to Wolfson hospital, Adil was very talkative with his father. Because we got to the hospital quite early, praise God, Adil was called in by Dr. Alona straight away.

Dr. Alona was very pleased with his echo, so it took her less then 10 minutes to complete the whole echo procedure. At the end she announced the good news that "Adil! Bye-Bye bo Kurdistan.” (Meaning Adil can go back home to Kurdistan). Because Adil's right arm is still in a cast, it took us a while to confirm this cast can be removed when he is back home, but it can be!

We also spent some time waiting for his medical report to be completed. I was so happy to see this cheerful boy happily playing with us, as well as patiently sitting without any problem at all.

Before we headed back to Jerusalem for his farewell party tonight, we had our last tea break together with some nice drinks from the hospital's shopping area. It was so lovely to see Adil and his father bonding together and enjoying each others company during their last visit to the hospital. Although it is time for us to say bye-bye to both Adil and his father, we are definitely going to miss this cute, little boy a lot. However, my heart was full of gratitude and praise. Our mighty God has been working in Adil and his father’s lives during the two months they have been with us.

My heart kept singing, "my heart will sing no other name: Jesus, Jesus." AMEN!!     

Much Waiting

Posted on Mon, 05/09/2016 - 23:36 by Rebekah Yang

This morning Aad and I brought Adil and his father to the hospital for another echo follow-up. On our way, Adil was very cheerful to sit beside his father, signing and talking and enjoying his presence.

After we arrived, Adil did not have to wait long! Praise God that Adil went in for his turn right away.

During the echo procedure, Adil was so talkative and making so many funny noises that he made both technician and Dr. Hanita have a good laugh. It took less than 10 minutes and Dr. Hanita was very pleased with his echo result. So, she stopped one of Adil’s medications and asked that Adil come again next Monday for another echo check-up. Lord willing, it could be the final echo for Adil.

After we finished our quick lunch, Adil's father asked about his right arm cast - whether it should be checked by an orthopedics doctor or not - so we waited to receive an answer from the children's ward doctor.

Due to this doctor's busy schedule, we ended up waiting in the children's ward for a while. However, both father and son took this time to play and look around the playground. So it seems they had enjoyed their time very much. After a while, the doctor told us that Adil's cast needs to wait 3 weeks in order to have a follow-up by orthopedics doctor. Adil’s father was quite upset and did not want to hear this news.

I ask you to lift up Adil and his father into your prayers. May our God provide them enough strength and patience to keep waiting for his healing - both in his heart and his arm. Thank God for His mercy and love and for always protecting them until they can return to their home in Kurdistan.                  

Joy in the Midst of Pain

Posted on Mon, 05/02/2016 - 20:45 by Naomi Knight
Adil receives a cast
Adil was due for another echo check today. Aad (one of our Dutch volunteers), Adil, his father, and I clambered into the van around 10:30am. 
When we arrived at Wolfson hospital, we made our way to the echo department and as soon as we set foot in the waiting room we were whisked into the examination straight away. His echo was good, however, there is still a little bit of fluid around his heart. We need to continuously pray for this to disappear and we also ask the Lord for provision of patience and joy for Adil and his father as they face another two weeks of being with us, and away from their family. 
Adil quite enjoys playing hide and seek, and we even had a small round in the echo room:
Over the weekend, Adil had fallen quite badly and had been complaining of pain in the elbow region of his right arm. We asked the doctor about it today and, after seeing a specialist, they sent us to have an x-ray taken. 
While we were waiting for the X-ray results, we spent time in the childrens' playground area. Adil is such a pleasure to play with. As previously mentioned, he particularly enjoys hide and seek so we spent a good half an hour hiding among the trees, columns, and play equipment. 
The results, unfortunately, showed that Adil had a fracture and that he would need a cast. We went to get this done and he was so excited by the procedure. He and his father watched, completely fascinated, by the process. Finally, it was in place and we could head home to Jerusalem (whilst munching on apples). 
Praise God for this little beating heart of joy! Even in the midst of pain, his beautiful smile melts your heart.

New Friends and a Long Wait

Posted on Mon, 04/25/2016 - 21:26 by Valentina Jaimes Vargas

This morning we took Adil to Wolfson hospital in Tel Aviv for his echo. It was a long trip and we had a long wait, but he was so patient throughout the day.

Adil really enjoyed the time in the echo departament. He and his father made some new friends. They played with balloons, cards and other different things as they shared time with each other.  

He also hung out with Baran's mom, and his father spent time talking and laughing with the other mothers. 

The echo was succesful. Adil still needs his medication and at least two more echos, but everything is going well. He also looks happy and with every day he is getting better. 

Although the recovery seems long, we know everything is going according to God's plan and we trust in Him. We also pray this will be a chance for the Lord to appear to Adil and that he may know Him. 


Wonderful Smiles

Posted on Thu, 04/21/2016 - 21:05 by Berith Lindberg

Adil is one of those children who can change the world by his wonderful smile, and once again it struck me how calm and relaxed he is having his father by his side.

Today we went to Wolfson hospital for yet another echo, and since he knows the procedure by now, he was in a good mood when the doctor started to listen to his heart with the stetoscope. The doctor had a beautiful smile, and I guess that made him extra calm, despite the fact he was in the hospital. It was only for a brief moment he was a bit anxious, and that was when she did the echo and the machine started to make some strange sounds. A few seconds later he found the sounds amusing, and with a big smile on his face he wispered something to his father and the anxiety was gone. He and his father are so close and there is no mistake they love each other. The doctor said twice the test was perfect and she decided to take away two of Adil's medicines immediately, because the fluid around his heart is gone. Adil's father was thrilled and so were we. 

Since the cafeteria was closed, we bought lunch from another place and had it in the waiting room, and I think Adil enjoyed it. After a while, a woman who also had her child staying at Wolfson started to play "seek and hide" with him. It's so beautiful to see how the parents shows interest and compassion with one another even in this difficult situation they are in. You can tell it's genuine, not only to be polite. It gives me hope for mankind.
In the middle of the playing, two women walked by and they gave Adil two bags of chips, some candy, and a toy telephone. When they walked away, Adil's father made a "thumbs-up" for his son and a wonderful smile lightened their faces. It was a very good day in several aspects, and I am sure the echo results made Adil's father most relieved. If everything continues in this way, they can go home after two weeks. 
We then were ready to head home. We didn't go far before our little hero fell asleep, comfortably leaning on his father's side, depending on that he will be there when he wakes up.   

Melting Hearts

Posted on Mon, 04/18/2016 - 21:36 by Rebekah Yang

Adil’s father has been very keen to know the progress of recovery with Adil's heart after having experienced a few ups and downs following his heart surgery. Therefore, they were both ready when I went over to the Finish school to collect them for Adil’s echocardiogram follow up check.

It was not like previous visits to the hospital for an echo, where we would have to wrestle with Adil. This time he was so calm and happy in preparation for it. Adil seemed brave and obeyed his father when he entered the echo room for his turn.

While he was being checked by Dr. Hannita, he was watching TV and used his little finger to point out something to his father. Just looking at his cute face and listening to his child language, I felt my heart melt.

However, his result was not very good. The echo showed there is still fluid around his heart, so he has to go back on Thursday morning for another echo. Dr. Hannita has also changed his medications to hopefully reduce that fluid and help in the healing of his heart.

Despite the result, Adil had a happy day in the hospital. He had a picnic lunch outside in the children's ward garden. He also went to the playground to play for a bit with his father.

Please continue to pray for Adil and his father. May our mighty God’s healing power pour out into Adil’s heart and give his father the strength to take care of Adil. In Messiah's name I pray, AMEN!!     

Wee, Wee, Wee; All the Way Home

Posted on Fri, 04/15/2016 - 14:45 by Alexa Bigl

Look who has joined us, once again, in Jerusalem!

We are happy to report Adil’s echo showed enough improvement for him to be discharged from the hospital today! While he still has some fluid and inflammation around his heart, it is minimal and continues to decrease.

The pain Adil was experiencing has diminished down to nothing; he is 100% back to his fun, playful self! After eating cookies on the car ride back to Jerusalem, we enjoyed playing ‘doctor’ in the sunshine. Adil is great at being both patient and doctor!

Adil has a large vocabulary and his small voice is so adorable! We are so grateful this awesome kiddo is back with us, and we are so excited for all the fun times to come as he continues to recover from his cardiac surgery! And, of course, all praises to God Adil is back on track in his recovery! 

An Unexpected Hospital Trip

Posted on Wed, 04/13/2016 - 15:55 by Miriam Svensson
Yesterday Adil didn't feel really well. He seemed to get tired quickly and in the afternoon he started coughing. His vital signs were fine, except with a little higher heart rate. When we listened to his lungs the sound made us a bit concered, so I called the doctorin the children's ward at the hospital. She wanted us to bring Adil in so she could see him.
So Berith and I made an unexpected evening trip to the hospital. On the way there Adil was qiuet and slept for a while. When we arrived the nurse took his vital signs and gave him a bed where we waited for the doctor. After a while the doctor came and examined Adil. She took blood tests, which was difficult since his veins are very thin. Adil didn't like it but was very brave. As a reward the nurse gave him a piece of chocolate. Then we were sent to do an x-ray of his lungs. Adil was doing well there too, standing completely still on a low stool while the picture was taken.
Back in the ward, Adil got some food and then he became more his lively self again. He crawled around on the bed, played with some balloons, sang, and chatted with us. It was good to see him feeling better. The nurse told us that Adil would be admitted to stay at the hospital over the night. We didn't get any result from the tests or x-ray, but decided to leave since it was getting late. We knew Adil was in good hands and well looked after.
Please pray for our little friend, that this setback will not be a big problem. May he and his caring father soon be back with us in Jerusalem again.
The doctors found fluid buildup around Adil's heart. He will stay another night in the hospital, and tomorrow morning will have an echo to see if the fluid is reduced. If the echo looks good, he may be able to come home tomorrow. Please keep praying for his healing! 

Positive Answers

Posted on Sun, 04/10/2016 - 22:15 by Olivier Bareaud

All of the Shevet Achim team are more than happy to welcome back Adil and his father to Jerusalem!

Today, we had the blessing of spending time with Adil as he completed his last hours at the hospital, waiting to return to Shevet Achim. He is recovering very well - praise God. During the past few days Adil has not had much appetite, but today he got it back. He was also more than happy to play all day with his father and myself: drawing, singing, laughing, and having a good time in the garden at the hospital.

We were all waiting for the echo results to get the final approval from the doctors as to whether he would come back to Jerusalem today or not. We finally got a positive answer around 4pm. It was such a relief for Adil's father, and for all of the team, to know this little boy could finally leave the hospital.

Adil will need to keep going to the hospital from time to time for echocardiograms before he can go back to Iraq. But for now we are glad to have him back with us for the next couple of weeks in the Shevet Achim community!