Ahlam's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq
Paid in full

Good News!

Posted on Mon, 10/15/2018 - 14:26 by Anna Kaufmann

Today we went with Ahlam to Sheba for check ups and her first echo. While waiting her Mother stayed very calm and it was so sweet to see her interacting with her baby. Good news! Happily the doctor was very pleased with Ahlams heart and said that after the next echo which is in two weeks she can go home to Kurdistan. Please pray for her that her heart stays stable and she can return in two weeks back home.

Hospital Discharge

Posted on Sun, 10/07/2018 - 04:53 by Luzma Velasquez

Today we went to visit Ahlam to see how she was doing, on our way to the hospital we received a call saying she was ready to go home! We were so happy as the mother was!
Ahlam’s recovery has been splendid and after 12 days in the hospital she is discharged and can go now to shevet to be with us and finish her recovery before returning home.

We found Ahlam’s mom very happy to go and with lots of questions about life at Shevet. She wants to be with more people to talk and have good food to eat (she says only Kurdish food is good!). She is a sweet little girl with lots of strength and a beautiful smile! Smile for for us at Shevet dear! We love you and God loves you more!

Let’s keep praying for Ahlam’s total recovery so she can go home soon and be the princess of the house with 3 big brothers to protect her!

Beautiful Ahlam!

Posted on Sun, 09/30/2018 - 20:04 by Robyn Stuart

After a few short days of not seeing baby Ahlam, it was a joy to see her so pink and alert today on our visit. She only had a nasal canular and her monitoring wires attatched to her. This enabled her mother to cradle her as she fed her the formula. 

There is no sweeter image than when the mothers are able to at last hold their child after a time of only being able to stroke and speak to them for comfort. They look so small and alone as their small bodies lay on those big cribs. 
We are believing Ahlam will continue healing at this fast rate. She did have a set back last night, though, when her oxygen saturation dropped requiring the reinsertion of the nasal canular.
We thank God for the way He has carried beautiful Ahlam so far and ask you to continue standing in the gap for her complete healing. 


Posted on Thu, 09/27/2018 - 20:08 by Georgia Willcocks
saw little Ahlam today in the ICU. She has been extubated and was sleeping, propped up comfortably in the bed. She has beautiful light brown hair and looked so peaceful. 
Her mother was tired, but so friendly, and thankful that the surgery had been a success. It was so nice to have a chat with her, and we prayed that Ahlam will continue to recover well and we can have her home with us at Shevet soon! 

Ahlam Comes to Israel!

Posted on Wed, 09/26/2018 - 15:10 by Miriam Svensson
This morning our team from Shevet went to the airport to meet baby Ahlam and her mother. Ahlam was born i Kurdistan four months ago and not long after she was diagnosed with transposition of the great arteries. Thankfully she also had a hole between the chambers in her heart that allowed a little bit of oxygenated blood to come out in her system. But she was in urgent need of surgery.
We didn't have to wait long at the airport before the mother and child came out. The baby was sleeping peacfully in her mother's arms. Sitting down for a moment in the waiting area, I made some assesments. Ahlam's little fingers and toes were quite blue and cold. It was difficult to get a good measurement of the saturation. We already had a time for an appointment at the hospital, and a phonecall confirmed that we should take her straight there.
When we arrived at Sheba hospital Ahlam's saturation was even lower than expected. An echocardiogram was performed, and several doctors came to look at it. It was decided that she would be admitted for further observation and preparation for surgery. The staff in the ICU took care of Ahlam, taking tests, inserting IV-line, administrating oxygen and fluid. The nurse in charge explaned to the mother, whith Julio's translation, what they were doing and what was going to happen.
At first we were told that the surgery would probably be tomorrow, but after a discussion in the team of doctors they decided to go ahead at once. Ahlam was intubated and soon taken in to surgery. The mother was very tired after travelling all night, and concerned because she had not been able to contact her husband since they arrived. Although she also was worried for her baby, after a while she settled and fell asleep on the spare bed in her daughter's room. What a blessing that she was able to get some rest. Meanwhile Julio and Robyn did all they could to reach Ahlams father, but with no result.
After nearly four hours little Ahlam whas wheeled out of surgery. We were told that the operation had been successfull, they had corrected the misplaced arteries and patched the hole between the chambers. Such great news! While we waited to be able to go in and see Ahlam in the ICU her father suddenly called. His wife could talk to him and tell him everything that had happened. When we left the hospital Ahlam was stabilized and her mother tired but thankful.
Praise the Lord for holding us all in His hands during this long day! We thank Him especially for sustaining prescious Ahlam both through the journey and the surgery.