Ahmed's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq

Ahmed's Arrival/First Time at Wolfson

Posted on Sun, 07/26/2015 - 15:00 by Megan Taylor

Ahmed is a lovely one-and-a-half year-old boy with pale skin, big brown eyes, and curly brown hair. His mother is lovely, friendly, and thoughtful. Ahmed is the fifth child in his family. His mother speaks some English which helps a lot with communication.

Ahmed and his mother flew into Israel late Wednesday night, along with two other young boys, Baran and Yousef.

When I first met Ahmed this morning in the children's ward, he presented himself as a very happy, smiling, and sociable boy who laughed and looked at the people around him. I saw that he can change quickly, however, from smiling to crying very fast! Too much waiting around after a long flight can test anyone's patience though!

Though at first he seemed to be such a happy boy, unfortunately it was short lived. Ahmed continued to cry for much of the rest of the day. His mother explained that on the plane flight Baran and Yousif slept soundly while Ahmed cried and was a noisy boy! His mother also showed me a scar on Ahmed's chest and explained that this was his second surgery as they had flown into India in 2014 for his first.

Ahmed was third in line for his initial check/assessment. He screamed his lungs out for his checkup, height, oxygen check, and blood test. He was then sent upstairs for his echocardiogram. Ahmed was given some medicine which sedated him so that he was calm and still before his echo. This also gave his mother a short break to eat some food and have a rest from trying to pacify him. The echo went well and the cardiologist apparently reported that Ahmed looks like a good candidate for surgery with full repair expected.

After an x-ray, Ahmed was sent home to Shevet for some much needed rest with his Mother. They were both very tired from their long flight from Iraq, and a big day at the hospital. I hope they will settle well into Shevet and feel comfortable and welcome as they prepare for Ahmed's second surgery.