Ahmed's Heart Surgery


Home in Jerusalem

Posted on Thu, 08/07/2014 - 21:13 by Jesse Tilman

Ahmed is still much more energetic and getting around much better by his own strength. His easy smile is warm, and though I do not speak much Arabic, his native tongue, we are able to connect today. He has some blood bruise marks where his IV lines went into his arms that have developed since his catheterization yesterday. We were able to bring him home from the hospital today. Thank God with us for his good progress made and hope for a surgery soon.

Speed Walking

Posted on Wed, 08/06/2014 - 23:41 by Kirsten Perow

One of the first sights to greet me today at the hospital was adorable Ahmed, speed walking down the halls of the ward, turning corners at lightening speed. This may not seem like anything special, but the precious sight almost brought tears to my eyes. When I first met Ahmed a week ago, the poor kid could only take about five steps before needing to crouch to the ground to rest and regain what oxygen he could. Today, it was as if I was seeing an entirely different little boy. Although he has not had surgery yet, the doctors have put him on medication that is really improving his activity tolerance. I pray that he only keeps improving in leaps and bounds. What a testament to the workings of our wondrous Creator!

Today, Ahmed had his first cardiac catheterization. He father did not fully know what to expect, seeing as this was the first time his beloved son has had any form of procedure. Nick, Abu Ahmed (Ahmed's father), and I planned to grab lunch together while we waited for the procedure, but as we neared the cafeteria we discovered that it was closed. Approximately fifteen seconds later, though, Abu Ahmad and Abu Dana appeared in the hall with a plates of food, including a plate for Abu Ahmed, for the fathers to enjoy together! What a spectacular vision it was to see these fathers caring and supporting one another!

I believe God must have a beautiful sense of humor and power to bring together a Syrian, Kurd, and Southern Iraqi to become fast and loving friends. After an hour or so, the cath was successfully finished and Ahmed and his father, who had tears springing from his eyes, were reunited.

Ahmed was then moved to the children’s ward where he happily played a game on his father’s phone and pushed through pain like a champ! This cath will reveal to the doctors what the next steps will be in Ahmed’s continual healing. We're praying for clear results that will yield to a conclusive plan for this sweet, bashful boy. Thank you, Lord, for new beauties everyday.

Ahmed's First Day

Posted on Tue, 08/05/2014 - 11:53 by Rebekah Yang

After a night of resting, Ahmed and his father went to Wolfson Hospital this morning for all the necessary checkups and examinations. At the beginning, Ahmed was quiet and did not say anything as we started our journey towards Tel-Aviv. We reached Wolfson at around 9:15am. Right away, we went to the children's ward for a general check-up by the on-duty nurses.

The nurses took Ahmed's blood pressure four times, once on each of his arms and once on each of his legs, to try to get the general data to detect his cardiovascular flow pressure. Then Ahmed went for a chest X-ray. While he was walking towards the X-ray department, only a few minutes away, I found he became short of breath and hardly able to walk. So Jesse went to get a wheelchair for him, and then we continued to finish the X-ray.

After it was finished, we went back to the children's ward, and the doctor began asking Ahmed's medical history. After a while, a nurse gave Ahmed a venous catheter, plus all sorts of blood test checkups. While nurses were busy taking Ahmed's blood, Ahmed's father gently helped him put on an O2 mask for oxygen supply. Little Ahmed was so brave and only cried a bit before submissively letting the medical team do the whole procedure for him. After his blood was taken, Ahmed went for an echo, done by an echo technician and Dr. Alona. Due to the fact that Ahmed has never had any medical treatment for his heart condition before, Dr. Alona decided to admit him immediately and to start giving him medicine and further treatment as well. How wonderful to see Ahmed can be treated so fast. Praise God!

The last thing that caused Ahmed to cry in today's exam was when he and his father went for a PPD test (Tuberculosis skin test). When Ahmed saw his father was given a shot for PPD, he was terrified and began to weep for his father. However, after his father comforted him, he stopped weeping.

Eventually, Ahmed had finished everything, so we went to the children's play room for his sake. When we arrived at the playroom, I suddenly saw a beautiful smile on Ahmed's face.

Wow! It does indeed melt my heart. When I recall the time spent with him and his father today, I can see how much Ahmed’s father loves his son simply through how he took care of him every single step of the whole medical examination.

I have been reminded again of how much our God loves us as His children just as Ahmed’s father loves his son. My prayer for Ahmed and his father is: “Dear Abba Father, may Your love surround Ahmed as well as his father.” AMEN!

Ahmed Reaches Israel with Courage

Posted on Sun, 08/03/2014 - 23:07 by jonathan

Nine-year-old Ahmed is unable to walk more than a few steps before he'll begin to breathe heavily, and be forced into a crouch in order to increase blood flow to his upper body. He's never been able to go to school.

Despite this, he reached Jerusalem today cheerful, curious, and unafraid, on the eve of a transformation that will with God's help leave him with a new heart and a new life. Tomorrow will see his first exams in the hospital.