Aland's Heart Surgery

northern Iraq, Kurdistan

Neurological Assessment

Posted on Tue, 01/03/2017 - 22:43 by Ruth Zellweger

Today marked another long day at the hospital for Aland and his father. We were asked to bring him in at 8 am this morning, and we didn't leave the hospital until 6 pm. There were many hours of downtime and waiting for something to happen. Initially the hope had been that Aland could have the CT-scan for his brain today. He had started fasting last night, but it wasn't until noon that we realized the scan would have to wait for another day. Aland will need anesthesia during that procedure as he cannot lay perfectly still. It was rescheduled for early Thursday morning. 

However, in the afternoon we had an appointment with a pediatric neurologist, Dr. Naama, who took a lot of time to carefully assess Aland's condition. At first, she asked many questions, and then she examined him physically and asked him to perform different tasks with his hand and feet.

Both of them had a lot of fun. It was so nice seeing Aland smiling and giggling.

Even though he is physically weak, he is very smart and could follow most of the instructions given to him. 

After Dr. Naama was finished with her tests, we had to wait for her supervisor, who also did some more tests. And then we waited another hour or longer in the ward for her to come back to give us her conclusion. It is very likely that Aland's physical delay is indeed due to his heart defect, but to be completely sure they will do another blood test and will review the CT-scan on Thursday. 

Aland and his father showed a lot of patience today, and I am thankful that within two days they have already warmed up. The father seems more settled and Aland more comfortable with us and in the hospital. I am looking forward to seeing his transformation unfold - both physically and in his personality.

First Assessments

Posted on Tue, 01/03/2017 - 00:44 by Ruth Zellweger

Aland went this morning for the first time to Wolfson hospital. There were times when he was happy and playful, but then of course others when he was afraid and didn't know what to expect. Except for one test we were able to complete everythings else today.

After his echo was done, Dr. Alona said that they will discuss his case on Thursday in their weekly meeting. Prior to the surgery she also wants some neurological tests done, which will be tomorrow morning. We are thankful that the medical team is taking such good care of our children. 

Aland's family had to flee the Islamic State. At some point today Aland's father was telling me that the fireworks he heard last night reminded him of the Islamic State and he asked if they were active in Israel as well. Please pray with us that this sweet father and son duo can feel safe here, and that they return to their family joyfully in due time. 


Aland Arrives in Israel

Posted on Sun, 01/01/2017 - 17:05 by Ruth Zellweger

Sweet Aland and his father arrived this morning in Israel, after a night with little rest.

Due to his heart condition, Aland is not strong enough to walk on his own, so his father carries him everywhere. 

Both father and son had the day to settle in and rest. They also took the opportunity to explore the nearby beach with Osama, his father, and our new arrived volunteer Mattias. Tomorrow morning Aland will go to the hospital for his initial assessments. We hope the time of Aland and his father in Israel will be full of beautiful encounters of God's grace.