Arena's Heart Surgery


Arena's First Echo in Israel

Posted on Thu, 06/20/2013 - 01:16 by Philip Rasmussen

Arena and her mother arrived in Jerusalem yesterday evening after nearly a week of waiting in Jordan for Israeli Visas. The one-week stay in Amman was not expected, but thanks to Arena's mother’s extremely warmhearted and humorous nature, they patiently endured the waiting time. They also managed to have a peaceful time with the other Kurdish family who had to wait with us.

It was no surprise that Arena and her mother were excited to begin the initial assessments at Sheba Medical Center today. Arena experienced her first echo in Israel, which didn’t seem to be one of her favorite procedures. Most of the time tears were falling from her eyes, while she made it clear to her mother that she would much rather be in her arms. Though she cried, she lay still on the bed, and gave the doctor the best chance to do her job – a sign of an experienced health care recipient.

Despite her young age, Arena truly is experienced in the realm of health care. She already had her first open heart surgery in India, and is now in Israel for her second operation, which will hopefully be a full-repair. After the echo test, the doctor said that Arena either needs a CT-scan or a catheterization in order know how to approach her surgery.

While waiting for the results of the echo, Arena amused herself in the small playground area. If you just glance at the picture below, you will notice that Arena is gifted with a very cute smile, which brought joy to many in the ward.

We also had time to go visit Shana and her mother in the children’s ward. Shana’s mother led Arena and her mother on a tour around the children’s ward/ICU area. They were able to acquaint themselves with their new surroundings, which, God willing, will soon be a positive environment for Arena’s healing.

Arena's Aortic Anomalies

Posted on Tue, 06/04/2013 - 15:02 by Kelsey Cannon

Do you have a healthy aorta? No need to go in for a check-up or anything. If you don