Arwin's Heart Surgery

northern Iraq

Admitted for Catheterization

Posted on Tue, 08/09/2016 - 21:30 by Ruth Zellweger

Arwin and his father came to the hospital this morning and Eric and I had the opportunity to spend some time with them. It was beautiful to observe Arwin's father taking loving care of his son. He is very competent in attending to the different needs of Arwin. 

Throughout the day, Arwin had times when he was happy and playful, but then also times of discomfort and pain. Besides the painful bloodtest, he is also teething. Tomorrow, Arwin will undergo a catheterization so that the doctors will have all the information needed to plan his surgery that is tentatively scheduled for the beginning of September. We pray for God's peace to comfort both father and son tomorrow, as well as for continued patience and joy as they wait for the day of surgery.


Conquering Assessment Day

Posted on Thu, 08/04/2016 - 18:02 by Alexa Bigl

Arwin has successfully completed his first day at Wolfson!

Today, he was assessed by doctors and nurses, had blood tests, a chest xray, and an echo! While he cried for some parts, he was a good boy today and was quickly smiling and playing after each test or exam. We finished all the necessary procedures before lunch, I think it was a new record for speed on initial assessment days! 

Arwin underwent a catheter previously in Kurdistan. Unfortunately, the doctors here still need a measurement not attained by that cath. So, next week Arwin will undergo another catheterization in order to see the pressure in his pulmonary artery. This measurement will allow the doctors to then proceed with discussing the best interventional measures for Arwin. 

We are so happy to have Arwin and his joyful father with us! They are a fun pair and we are excited to get to know them better as they become part of our Shevet family. 
Please join our prayers for the journey ahead for father and son; we lift it all to our Heavenly Father.

Arwin's Arrival

Posted on Wed, 08/03/2016 - 15:27 by Agnes Bruna

Last night we set off to the airport to pick up our newest child, Arwin, and his father. They had kept Jonathan informed of their travels during the day and we were excited to meet them both.

When we got to the airport, it took a long time for them to come out. But once they arrived, we were straightaway impressed with Arwin's father. He is very confident, organised, and a good caregiver for his son. And all their luggage arrived too.
We thank God, who looked after all the details for this family's travels. He cares very much for Arwin. Tomorrow we will hear more about Arwin's treatment while he is in Israel. We look forward to getting to know him and his father better.

Coming Soon

Posted on Sun, 07/17/2016 - 10:18 by MadelynMiles

Pictured above is baby Arwin (pronounced ar-WEEN) and his mother. They are from northern Iraq in the region of Kurdistan. Arwin was born just last September and has been diagnosed as "failure to thrive" due to a couple of serious heart defects that he was born with.

Primarily, he has a rare defect called Aortopulmonary Window or AP-Window for short. This means there is a hole between his aorta and pulmonary artery. The pulmonary artery's job is to take blood from the heart to the lungs, where it picks up oxygen. After the blood is oxygenated, it flows back to the heart and is pumped throughout the rest of the body. Because Arwin has a hole, too much blood is flowing to his lungs which can cause high blood pressure in the lungs or even heart failure. Secondarily, he also has a defect called Atrial Septal Defect (ASD), which is a hole between the two atria, causing a mixture of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. 

Please keep Arwin and his family in your prayers as they prepare to come to Israel.