Awand 's Heart Surgery


Heading Home With a Healthy Heart

Posted on Sat, 08/22/2009 - 07:42 by Jonathan Miles

Little Awand gave us his last wave goodbye at the airport this morning before heading off to his new life. Doctors in Iraq and Iran failed to cure his atrial flutter, but the cardiologist in Israel succeeded in gaining the trust of Awand's mother to perform the electric shock needed to set right the rhythm of his heart. All signs are that the cure is permanent, thank God, although there are some abrnomal liver function results possibly due to the medications Awand had been taking. He leaves with our prayers for his healing to be completed.

Last Day at Shevet!

Posted on Thu, 08/20/2009 - 01:00 by Emily_Brooks

Awand was very active today as he waited in the hospital for his final tests and echo to be done. His mother was helping him walk around, and she took him through all the hospital hallways. When he finally became tired he reached out his arms towards his mother to be carried. Awand also made some new friends in the waiting room and enjoyed getting to play with them.
The echocardiograph went very well. Awand became little fussy near the end, but his mother was able to quiet him down. However, when the doctors had to take another blood test to recheck certain enzyme levels, it was a different story. They were having trouble finding a vein to draw blood from, and Awand was getting very upset. Eventually they successfully got enough blood, and all of the necessary tests were performed. Awand will be going home tomorrow with a healthy heart. Praise God for such a quick answer to our prayers for this little boy!

Cured in Five Minutes?

Posted on Sun, 08/16/2009 - 01:00 by Robin_Miller

What an amazing day for little Awand from Iraq. This little boy came to Israel with his mother's hope that doctors could give him medication for the healing of his irregular heart rhythm, and something else totally unexpected took place. We got to the hospital this morning and headed right for cardiologist Dr. Tamir's office to have Awand checked out; weight, height, and an ECG in order to open an admissions file. Immediately they told us to take Awand to the ICU where he was going to receive medication treatment. When we got to ICU the nurses and doctors were waiting for us and got him right on the ICU bed and started another ECG and then proceeded to take blood samples. Little Awand was so upset his blood pressure went up to over 225, and the ICU staff called Dr. Tamir to come urgently!

When Dr. Tamir got there, Awand's heart beat was so erratic that they decided to shock his little heart. After a few minutes his heart responded to the shock by falling into the proper sinus rhythm, and the doctors said that he was stable and this might conclude his treatment at Wolfson! Doctors will monitor Awand over the coming week, but he possibly will not need any medication and his heart might already be fixed. His mother was so happy, I was still pondering over the issue that they had to shock his heart, but he seemed perfect after this. What a miracle from the Lord! And what a great witness this is of the glory of God for his mother and for everyone else around.


A Fun Day on the Mount of Olives

Posted on Sat, 08/15/2009 - 01:00 by Jonathan Miles
Shabbat, August 15, 2009

We set out with the new families this afternoon for a worship meeting in East Jerusalem, but spontaneously headed to the Mount of Olives when we found the congregation was meeting elsewhere today. Awand ended up atop a camel; click the play arrow below to see him, his mother, and Donna coming down the home stretch:

Let's hope Awand can face the doctors and their needles as fearlessly as he faced the camel today.

Tomorrow morning we'll set out for the hospital to start learning what doctors in Israel hope they can do to treat Awand's atrial flutter/irregular heartbeat. We believe this is not a surgical case, but can possibly be treated by medication.

New Hope as Awand Reaches Israel

Posted on Fri, 08/14/2009 - 07:42 by Jonathan Miles

One-year-old Awand from Iraq (together here with another Iraqi heart patient, 13-year-old Hawar) reached Jerusalem tonight after a nine-hour trip across the Jordan River from Amman, after delays of a few hours at Jordanian security checkpoints. They were joyfully greeted by the Iraqi families already here for their own children's heart surgeries, and all enjoyed getting to know each other in our newly-renovated family quarters, and then sharing a delicious Iraqi meal of chicken and rice.

After a day of rest on the Sabbath we will go to the hospital Sunday morning for Awand's first examinations.