Baran's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq

Baran's New Step

Posted on Mon, 05/30/2016 - 22:00 by Rebekah Yang

Today, we entered the children's ward to greet Baran's mum and Baran so we could check on how he is doing.  We were told Baran will have to have a small surgery in the ICU, in order to insert the feeding tube through his abdomen into his stomach, tomorrow around lunch time.

Please continue to lift both Baran and his mum up in your prayers. Baran's mum is still very tired as she continually worries for her son and has anxieties about this upcoming procedure.

Heavenly Father, we commit our precious little Baran into Your mighty healing hands. May you bless him throughout tomorrow and may Your peace be with all of the medical team and his mother. AMEN!!  

X-Ray Day

Posted on Sun, 05/29/2016 - 20:59 by Alexa Bigl

Although Baran was originally scheduled for a bronchoscopy today, there was a change of plans. Instead, he had a special X-ray of his throat and esophagus. This afternoon, the doctors reported the X-ray had good results. While Baran still needs a feeding tube placed through his abdomen into his stomach, worries of a potential issue with Baran's throat are now put to rest. We are hoping the feeding tube will be placed later this week. 

After antibiotic therapy these last days, Baran is fever-free today! He was happily playing and resisted napping as he smiled and enjoyed throwing things around. 
Please continue to pray for Baran's mom. She is weary from all her time at the hospital, and is overwhelmed with the idea of the feeding tube. Together, let's lift her up in a prayer of comfort, and that the Lord will strengthen her. 

Waiting for Another Test

Posted on Thu, 05/26/2016 - 23:20 by Brenda Hofer

When I went to see Baran today, I saw his mother laying down on another bed fast asleep. Baran was also asleep, so I just gently stroked his head.

About 5 minutes later, Baran's mom woke up and updated me on how he was doing. Baran is not keeping his food down so the doctors are going to do a bronchoscopy on Sunday. They want to see what is happening in his throat. After that procedure, they are going to put in a PEG-tube on his side so he will be able get his needed nutrients. His mother also said Baran's cry is very faint sounding. She feels they are back to where they started when they came back to Israel, just a short time ago. I really empathized with her because she said she was so tired. She had been looking forward to soon coming back home to Shevet. However, it looks like Baran will be staying in the hospital a while longer. Please pray with me as we wait for this test on Sunday. Please pray for peace and rest for Baran's mother and that the doctors will be able to help Baran with his eating concerns.

An Affectionate Little Boy

Posted on Wed, 05/25/2016 - 20:45 by Christelle Fonjallaz
Today was the first time I saw Baran awake, and in the children's ward -what a joy!

Baran is doing really well! He was awake for most of the time and was always asking his mother to hold him in his own special way. He is really affectionate. However, he still has a fever, therefore, the doctors decided to give him some antibiotics. The fever was around 39 degrees yesterday and today around 38 degrees so it does seem to be improving! 

Until now, we were thinking that Baran would need a machine for oxygen for when he returns to Shevet Achim, but today the doctors were discussing whether this would be necessary. It would be great for him and his family if he doesn't need this machine. Prayers are welcome for this situation! 

It was great to share time with him and his mother and, even if it takes time, it is wonderful to see him getting better! 
Thank you for your prayers.

A Big Milestone

Posted on Wed, 05/18/2016 - 21:54 by Rebekah Yang

After the ICU doctors completed their moring round of the secondary ICU, Dr. Houri and Dr. Rachel announced the good news regarding Baran’s condition- he could be transferred to the children's ward as soon as he had finished his morning bath.


Baran’s mum was so glad to learn this news she started to help the nurse finish the bath straight away. When the nurse finished giving Baran his bath and took his body weight,  I saw that the weight scale showed he had reached 5.975kg today. Praise God! This means that he has grown everyday, bit by bit. Hallelujah for God's healing hand working in Baran’s life.

While the nurses transferred Baran to the children's ward, Baran began to cry loudly because he was wanting food. Baran’s mum and Ahmed’s both happily fed him and played with him.

What a wonderful picture - seeing this little boy reaching a big milestone in his life. Thank you for all of your prayers for our little precious Baran. May God’s blessing continue to pour into both Baran and his mum’s lives, AMEN!!     

A Good Week

Posted on Sun, 05/15/2016 - 18:24 by Alexa Bigl

Baran happily played this morning as he hung out in a stroller in the ICU. He is completely on oral food now, and he is a happy kiddo!

While his mom got some time outside of the ICU, Baran and I enjoyed one another's company. After a while, Baran started getting sleepy as I sang and wheeled the stroller back and forth, he drifted off to sleep. 

He remains on high flow oxygen and the doctors need the close monitoring the ICU provides, but Baran has been doing very well this past week. The road ahead will be a long one as the doctors continue to monitor his slow progress and ensure Baran's bronchus remains open. Thank you for your prayers and we ask for continued prayers too!

Mr. Playful

Posted on Sun, 05/08/2016 - 20:48 by Alexa Bigl

Baran was a happy boy today! We enjoyed playing with him as he excitedly kicked his feet and sat up with his mom's help. He played ball and teased us with his pacifier. 
Although his progression remains very slow, you can tangibly see him getting better now. His medications are being reduced, allowing him to play more. Baran's mom is doing a lot of physiotherapy with Baran to help his problematic lung, and it is really helping. The doctors were concerned the lung was starting to close again these last days, but thanks to all the physiotherapy and the healing touch of God, Baran's lung is still open. He has good saturation, even breathing, and the doctors can hear good breath sounds on his left side! 

After all his hard playing, Baran fell into a deep sleep around lunch time. We were able to have lunch and tea with Baran's mother and a wonderful time hearing more about her family. 

Today is Mother's Day in the U.S., and it was wonderful to talk with Baran's mom about the trials and the wonderful times of being a mom. It was special to remind her what a fantastic mother she is, and to spend focused time building our friendship with her. 

Praise God for a wonderful day full of so many blessings! 


Slowly Seeing Progress

Posted on Sun, 05/01/2016 - 21:13 by Alexa Bigl

Baran had a good weekend, praise God!

I walked into the ICU today to say hello, and there was Baran; extubated and being rocked by his mom. The ventilation machine had just been turned off and the tube pulled out. He is breathing in his own! His blood gases, which is a very important test for how well he is ventilating, are very good. The doctor reported today's bronchoscopy showed his left bronchus is still open and the x-rays are showing slow progress. The next steps depend on Baran's response to extubation and if his little lung continues to stay open.

We pray Baran can continue to adequately breathe via his own will power. We also continue to lift Baran's mom to the Lord; His strength will renew and comfort her.

Hope and a Future

Posted on Tue, 04/26/2016 - 15:03 by Alexa Bigl

Part of our team, who are currently in Kurdistan (Jonathan, Ruth, and Sophie), had the privilege of seeing Baran's father and brother a couple of days ago. They both miss Baran and Baran's mom very much, understandably! 

On Sunday we learned that the ICU staff attempted to extubate Baran. Unfortunately, he was not able to maintain adequate ventilation off the breathing machine and he had to be reintubated. The ICU reported that they were unable to determine the exact cause of Baran's inability to maintain breathing on his own. Two possibilities are that the left bronchus may again be closed, or the sedation medication he was on for the ventilator had not properly worn off. They originally had him back on the oscillatory ventilator, but today he is back on a regular ventilator machine. Yesterday, another bronchoscopy was performed and the results will be reviewed later this week.  

Since Baran is again intubated and sleeping from the sedation medication, his mom has joined us in Jerusalem. She slept at Shevet's base last night, cooked lunch for us today, and will return to Wolfson hospital tomorrow. 

Juanita and I had the opportunity to see Baran today, although only for a short time. He looks well and was receiving percussion treatment by a respiratory therapist for that troublesome lung of his. Please join us in praying! While understanding God's plan for Baran is beyond us, we do know He has "plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" (Jeremiah 29:11) for Baran.

Little Baran's Second Surgery

Posted on Tue, 04/19/2016 - 20:37 by Alejandra Becerra

Today we left very early because we had to get to Wolfson hospital for Baran's second surgery.

Sadly, due to traffic, we could not see him before he went in to the operating room, but we managed to spend time with his mum. Naomi gave her a manicure, while Alexa and Abdalla's father were chatting to her. 

We also managed to encourage her to play some card games with us. Despite saying that she did not know how to play them (I did not know either), she learnt very quickly. We did not win often but we had a nice time.

After a while Baran's mum wanted to go and pray for her child. It was lovely to see her express her love for Baran in that way, by devoting a special time for him.

Finally, we were able to go the ICU to see Baran after his surgery. He was still asleep, but we could see God's hand had been over his surgery. His surgery went well and they were able to reopen his left bronchus. They now need to watch over him closely during his recovery.