Barin's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq


Posted on Tue, 08/11/2015 - 22:19 by Anna Ivanova

We were very surprised today to hear that Barin needed to come to the hospital, since her surgery is tomorrow morning.  

When you do not expect to be called in to the hospital so soon, you might get a little frightened; maybe even a little bit terrified.

But this girl was not afraid- she came with us, did all the procedures and even got her blood checked without even a flinch. Barin showed a lot of strength, which helped her mom keep the spirits up. 

I was amazed by the total trust this girl had in the nurses and the doctor, for she knew that they will not hurt her. Please pray that Barin will have just as much strength tomorrow, and that God will stretch out his hand and bless the whole surgery. 

Barin's Arrival

Posted on Sun, 08/09/2015 - 23:34 by Maureen Grimshaw
After arriving at Ben Gurion Airport last night, Barin and her mother were taken to Wolfson Hospital for Barin's pre-operative tests and assessments. It was a full and tiring day, but both of them were glad to be in Israel to receive help for Barin's heart. 


Since the age of one-month, Barin's mother said that they noticed something was wrong with her. At nine-month,s she received surgery for her Patent Ductus Arteriosis, and together with medication her condition was stabilised. The doctors told her mother, however, that she would need further surgery before the age of ten, so it is good news that Barin was able to be brought to Israel at this time for help.
When we returned from the hospital, the families welcomed her into the house and all participated to help them settle in. Barin's mother sadly had to leave her small child at home who will be cared for by her family while they are away. Until they return, we are glad to be getting to know them here.



Barin finally coming to Israel

Posted on Sun, 07/05/2015 - 23:16 by Sarah Powell

Barin is a seven-year-old girl from the Kurdish area of northern Iraq. She has been diagnosed with a heart defect called Aortic Stenosis (AS), which means that there is some sort of blockage in her heart that is preventing blood from traveling through her left ventrical to her aorta. This means that her heart has a hard time distributing oxygenated blood to Barin's body. After three months of work, all of Barin's visas are finally approved and we hope to have her with us in Jerusalem before the end of July. She still has hope for a normal life, following the repair of her congenital heart defect by doctors in Israel.