Bawar's Heart Surgery

northern Iraq

The Father's Deep Love

Posted on Wed, 08/31/2016 - 21:59 by Sophie

Bawar came to Israel for his heart treatment with his grandmother, and he has been home over five weeks now! Last night we met Bawar's family at his grandmother's house. When we saw Bawar, he was not felling well. He has a fever, but he was still playful.

The lollipops I had from a former volunteer, I gave one to Bawar's brother. He then asked another one and offered it to Bawar. I was amazed by the two-year-old boy's love action!

Bawar's father is a very gentle and humble man, without too many words. His deep love for his children was clearly showing. Just like our Heavenly Father shows His deep love to us through Jesus!

May Bawar and his family understand our Father's deep love for them as well!

Celebrating the Lord's Work

Posted on Wed, 07/20/2016 - 20:26 by Alexa Bigl

Last night we celebrated the healing of Bawar's heart with a beautiful gathering and party.

His echo Monday showed he is ready to go home to Kurdistan! The surgical journey, although taxing on his grandmother, was smooth from beginning to end. God's healing touch was and is certainly evident through this little boy. 
To celebrate, we had an outdoor picnic in the beautiful evening air on the grass at the neighboring Finnish School. As we sang worship songs together, we spoke of how the night was celebrating Bawar's healing only because of the amazing works of the Lord. Bawar's grandmother had a wonderfully clear perspective of her time with us; thanks to God first. It is because of Him all miracles happen, including Bawar's healed heart! 
As we considered and shared about the time Bawar and his grandmother had with us, a couple things became clear. Bawar's grandmother is an amazing woman with a love pure and deep for her very cute grandson, and Bawar returns the love of his grandmother. You only have to observe the two for a moment before seeing Bawar's unbreakable connection with his grandmother; his love for her shines through his eyes and his toothless smile. 
We also had the opportunities to give gifts to them both. Bawar intently studied all he received with a seemingly complex system of learning what they were. His grandmother continued pouring out her thanks as she opened her gift as well. 
We ended the evening with Bawar's farewell DVD showing. This big boy, with his pudgy cheeks, is such a cutie-pie. We cannot express our thanks to our Heavenly Father enough for His healing of this sweet baby boy.
Grandmother and grandson are flying out evening. Please join with us in lifting a prayer of safe travels for them. Also, we will continue praying for Bawar's physical health, and we will be lifting up both of their souls to our Father. Lord, we thank you for the chance to know both of these people and we pray for them as they return home and join back into their lives in Kurdistan. May You keep them and bless them all their days; amen. 

The Time Is Here!

Posted on Mon, 07/18/2016 - 21:54 by Mateo Patiño Trujillo

Today, in my last day at the hospital, we took Bawar for his tentative last echo. After six weeks with us it seemed he was finally ready to go back home with a healthy hearth.

One by one, all the kids with us went into the echo room while the mothers waited with expectation. The second turn in the echo room was for Bawar.

After a few minutes, the echo was over and we had good news; he is going home! Even knowing the good news, we had to hang out for a while in the hospital. Some time after the echo, Brenda and I went to get lunch for the mothers, who were waiting for us in the little park outside the children area.

As I talked with them during lunch time we laughed, and they shared their food  with me. I played for a short time with Bawar, and then his grandmother wanted to go to the little mall at Wolfson; we went there trying to find a place to change money but we didn't succeed. In the end, we just went into a couple of stores and Bawar's grandmother browsed. It was a beautiful day for both of us in our last day at the hospital.

Now, and as always, our future is placed in the hands of God. May God bless you all, our extended Shevet Achim community.


Posted on Mon, 07/11/2016 - 20:53 by Rebekah Yang

This morning I had the privilege to accompany Bawar and his grandmother to Wolfson hospital in Tel-Aviv for his post-heart surgery echo.

When we arrived at the echo room, I saw quite few African kids who were there waiting as well. I was happy to see all the kids together, enjoying their time. Our families were so patient in waiting and enjoyed each others company a lot. We had to wait for a while, but soon Bawar was called in for his turn.
Dr. Alona was so pleased with Bawar's echo result, she told us that next Monday will be Bawar's final echo. She also reduced two of his medications. Bawar then had his chest tube stiches removed at the childrens' ward. Hallelujah! I cannot express the joy in my heart. Our God's healing hand has continued to bless Barwar and his grandmother.
Dear heavenly Father, thank you for You are a wonderful healer and you are a good Father to Bawar and his grandmother. May Your name be glorified in the name of Messiah. Amen!   

Thankful Hearts

Posted on Thu, 07/07/2016 - 19:57 by Rebekah Yang

Today, I had the privilege to accompany Bawar and his grandmother for his first post-heart surgery echo follow up at Wolfson hospital.

We were a bit late leaving Jerusalem. During the journey, I was praying that God would give us special favor; a smooth journey without any heavy traffic. Praise God - He answered my prayer. We arrived 15 minutes before noon. We rushed to the echo department and found out the doctors and technician were having their meeting in their office. We patiently waited there for a little while, and then the echo doctor called us in for Bawar's echo. 
It did not take long before Bawar's echo was completed. The results were good. However, they did not change or reduce his medication. Bawar will need to go back next Monday for another echo and they may consider changing his medication then, if the result is still good.
After a short stay at the hospital, we headed back home with rejoicing spirits. Even Bawar happily sat in his baby seat, kicking with his little feet. Dear Lord, we offer our thankful hearts to You and praise Your holy name. Amen!

Bawar returns to Jerusalem

Posted on Sun, 07/03/2016 - 21:22 by Ruth Zellweger

Today was a joyful day for our community and Bawar's loving grandmother, who has patiently waited at the hospital for Bawar to be well enough to be dismissed to Jerusalem.

Due to fluid around his heart and testing for some respiratory issues, Bawar had been monitored at the hospital over the weekend. This morning, however, the echo revealed that Bawar is well enough to return to Jerusalem to continue his recovery from there. He is on several medications, including an inhalation to improve his breathing. Bawar will return at the end of this week for another echo to make sure that everything is still fine. 

We reached Jerusalem in the late afternoon and Bawar's grandmother happily took Bawar to the room that she is sharing with the other mothers. We are so thankful that Bawar is doing well and is back with our community. 

Not Like Himself

Posted on Sun, 06/26/2016 - 21:11 by Brenda Hofer
Rebecca and I saw Bawar and his grandmother sitting on a bed in the hallway when we walked into Wolfson hospital this afternoon. They had their bags already packed, waiting to go back to Jerusalem and I could tell the grandmother wanted to leave as soon as possible. Bawar, from my interactions with him, is always a fun-loving and sunny kind of baby, but he did not seem like himself today.

I later found out that Bawar was running a fever and had not had a bowel movement for a few days. No wonder he was not himself. His grandmother held him for a while, but asked me if I hold him so she could take a nap. I walked around the room while holding him, and he really seemed to like the window where the sunshine was coming in. We could see the trees and flowers blooming outside. Whenever I walked away from the window, he would start to cry. Eventually, the cartoon that I had played for him earlier and walking around did not satisfy him. Bawar’s grandmother woke up from her nap and she put him on her lap. He seemed a little more content there.

So, hopefully by God’s grace Bawar’s fever will end, so that he will be able to come back to Jerusalem tomorrow. Please, join us in prayer for his recovery, and that the light of Messiah will shine brightly into Bawar and his grandmother’s hearts as they continue their journey in Israel.

Bawar Is Extubated

Posted on Thu, 06/23/2016 - 22:04 by Ruth Zellweger

Bawar's echo this morning showed he was ready to be extubated, which happened soon after. Watching her precious grandson struggling with pain and discomfort after the extubation was, again, not easy for his grandmother to observe. However, she did well in supporting him from the bedside.

We pray Bawar's restlessness will soon be settled and that he will feel better. Thank you for coming alongside this precious baby and his loving grandmother in prayer.

In and Out

Posted on Wed, 06/22/2016 - 18:22 by Ruth Zellweger

Today was a very special day indeed. Juanita and I initially headed to Wolfson hospital early this morning to support Baran's mother during a CT-scan for her son. However, upon arrival we found out this wouldn't take place until noon. Bawar, on the other hand, had been wheeled into the operation room without us knowing it. We had been told yesterday he would be the second child today for surgery and had planned for a team to come and support his grandmother during the waiting time.

As soon as I heard Bawar was already downstairs in the OR-area, I rushed down hoping I still might be able to see him before the start of the surgery. However, by the time I reached the OR, one of the nurses there told me the surgery had already started. I turned around and tried to find his grandmother. A short while later, I saw her sobbing in the children's ward, Juanita and our other mothers surrounding and comforting her. We took some time to pray to entrust Bawar and the medical team into the hands of our heavenly Father, as well as asking for peace for his grandmother. She visibly calmed down, even though once in a while there were still some tears rolling down her cheeks. Over the past two weeks of her being in Israel we have gotten to know her as a very gentle and warmhearted women, who makes you feel very loved and comfortable being around. 

We were preparing ourselves for a waiting time of at least four hours or more, and stayed in the children's ward with Baran and his mother. Around 10:15 am I went with Mohammed's mother into the ICU to check on her baby boy. We were just rejoicing over his successful extubation, when Mohammed's mother suddenly pointed to a group of doctors wheeling a bed in. Bawar was already out of surgery. As unnoticedly as Bawar had gone into surgery, so he had come out of it in record time. I talked to one of the surgeon's briefly who told me that the placement of a band around the pulmonary artery had been successful. He couldn't tell yet for sure if Bawar would need an additional surgery in the future to close the hole between the two lower chambers of his heart, but he thought it was very likely. Nevertheless, today's surgery has been a huge step in the healing of Bawar's little heart. His grandmother was very relieved when she heard the good news and couldn't wait to see him in the ICU. When we were finally allowed to enter, tears welled up in her eyes again as she saw her precious grandson lying in bed hooked up to many different cords and machines. She remained at his bedside for a while and then went to rest.

All in all, it had been one of the fastest surgery days ever during my time at Shevet. Even though we had not been able to support the grandmother right from the beginning, God still gave us opportunities to support her and to bond with her. We are praising Him for His mery He poured out today on baby Bawar and his grandmother. 

"The Lord is my strength and my song, and He has become my salvation; this is my God, and I will praise Him."  - Exodus 15:2

Smiles Before Surgery

Posted on Tue, 06/21/2016 - 22:23 by Camille Piche
Today we drove Bawar to be admitted to the hospital prior to his surgery tomorrow. When we arrived at Wolfson, the children’s ward was full of busy nurses, waiting patients, and full hospital beds. For most of the morning we felt in the way and ended up sitting in the hallway until there was a bed ready for Bawar later in the afternoon. Since today was just his admittance, Bawar did not need to have many tests performed. He did receive an IV in preparation for tomorrow’s surgery and had blood drawn for a couple standard tests. Although there was a lot of waiting, Bawar was in good spirits! He was full of smiles and curiosity! Especially when a clown came around to entertain the children. At first, Bawar was unsure of this strange fellow with a squeaky nose, but he soon warmed up to his playfulness! By the end of the day, Bawar was laughing along with (or at) the friendly clown! 
Bawar was very observant today and was extremely curious about all the new faces and things around him. From the other patients, to the doctor’s stethoscope, to my watch and the fascinating instruments hanging throughout the room, Bawar was determined to examine and distinguish each item! However, nothing seemed to hold his attention quite like his precious grandma who was by his side all day. The love that bonds the two of them together is quite extraordinary to witness! While watching them interact, I was reminded that there is nothing like the love and care of family; even while being monitored in a hospital full of nurses and doctors. 
As I think back on the day, my heart is full. Full of gratitude to God for his constant hand in this sweet boy’s life as well as mine, admiration of the love of his grandmother, and thankfulness for the opportunity to reflect on my own life and those who have extended love towards me. Please be keeping Bawar and his doctors in your prayers as he goes into surgery tomorrow!