Bawar's Heart Surgery

northern Iraq

Bawar is Operable!

Posted on Thu, 06/09/2016 - 18:59 by Philip Rasmussen

After a twelve hour-long day yesterday at Wolfson Medical Center, Bawar only woke up in order to travel the exact same journey down to the hospital as the senior cardiologist had asked to see him again for a more thorough echocardiogram. 

Bawar was in an excellent mood today and full of energy and movements which caused his escorting grandmother a lot of work. Bawar has big eyes and is very curious about the world around him. For this reason a doctor gave him some sedative drugs to make him sleep through the examination. Bawar was not happy about this and stayed alert for a long time and almost succeeded in overcoming the sedation.


But finally he let go and the cardiologists made a thorough examination of his heart and concluded that Bawar is operable. Next week the medical team will meet to discuss how best to treat the multiple holes in Bawar’s heart. 

We praise God for good news today at the hospital and pray that this Shabbat will be a good time of rest for Bawar and grandmother after several busy days with travel and assessments. 

First Day for Bawar

Posted on Wed, 06/08/2016 - 21:39 by Rebekah Yang

Last night we were so happy to welcome a chubby 8 month-old baby named Bawar from Kurdistan, northern Iraq to our Shevet family.

Today after 8am we had group of four - Suhail, Alejandra, Alexa, and myself - who headed to Tel Aviv for Bawar's first day of assessments at Wolfson hospital. We had a quite a bit of time waiting in the children's ward due to an inspection from the Government Health Department.
While we were waiting, Bawar and his grandmother had a peaceful and happy time with the other families in the hospital, Zina and Baran. When it was Bawar's turn, of course, there were lots of tears and fighting from Bawar. Soon we had finished all the blood tests, X-rays, and the PPD test. Then, we waited in the corridor of echo department for Dr. Tamir to check on him. When it was time, Dr. Tamir did a quick check, and the echo monitor showed that Bawar has 3 holes in his heart.
Tomorrow, early in the morning, Bawar and his grandma need to return to the hospital for his full cardiac echo. Please pray for both Bawar and grandma, that they will have enough strength for the journey ahead.