Bilind's Heart Surgery


Your People Will Be My People

Posted on Thu, 12/08/2016 - 07:19 by Sean Perez

Last night we hosted a farewell celebration for Bilind, as his time with us came to a completion. There were balloons, music, gifts, and cameras as we all gathered around the dinner table for one last time as a family. This part of the process is almost bitter-sweet, as you could imagine some of the relationships formed throughout this jouney. For many of us, we become like brothers and sisters to one another, both the families and volunteers alike. Whether we are watching each other's kids or serving one another in love, it doesn't matter, the bond that develops is so tangible you can't help but see feelings build for each other throughout.

I remember sometimes Bilind's mother would walk through the kitchen and see me struggling washing the dishes or trying to cook, and we would both just break out laughing, as she would unreluctantly make fun of me. Moments like these are the ones that make the most impact and leave such unforgettable impressions! It's almost like you're spending time at home with your real family, when you're doing life with each other like this. Afterwards, you can't help but feel like Ruth in Ruth 1:16-17, when she said to Naomi, "don't urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. And your people will be my people." 
The outcome for Bilind was unmatched and he now has a very healthy and strong heart! He started out this tiny little boy and now on his last visit to the hospital, the doctor's were saying "who is this child, that has gotten so much bigger?" There probably hasn't been this big of a physical transformation on a child since I've been here, as the doctor's could barely recognize him. His personality has just flourished remarkably as well, Bilind has this huge smile that is just painted on his face, with perfection! You can't help but say like in Psalm 139:14, that Bilind is "fearfully and wonderfully made" and by the hand of God, no less. As Ruth told Naomi, we too would like to say the same thing to Bilind and his family, "that your people would be our people" and even more. We are so looking forward to the day that we will see you once again in Kurdistan.  
Bilind was blessed coming in, and blessed going out!  And we pray God's blessing would continue to follow him all the days of his life.

Many More Smiles

Posted on Mon, 12/05/2016 - 21:58 by Camila Buitrago

Today, Billind and his mom arrived at the hospital at noon. We were looking forward to the echo for this beautiful little baby. When Billind and his mom entered the room, the doctor was reviewing her computer distractedly, however when she looked to Billind, her face was shocked with surprise to see that Billind has gained weight - approximately two kilos since they performed the surgery, which shows excellent progress and is a very good sign.

Billind’s mom was, as usual, very quiet next to her beautiful and tender baby. Bilind always fills us with hope and energy with his charming smile and this occasion was no exception. The echo shows that his heart is doing very well - he no longer has a large hole between the two ventricles of his heart, and the time has come to return home. After a little more than a month and a half, with the help of God, we have been able to witness a miracle in the life of another beautiful baby that we know has been sent to this world with a purpose and a mission. God literally heals the holes in our hearts.

Billind's eyes shine brighter than before because his heart has been healed thanks to the team of doctors of the Wolfson hospital and the prayers of each person who supports our organization. It is beautiful to know that we can contribute to the life of a human being - showing love with a hug, a smile, and above all with a prayer.

A Good Echo

Posted on Tue, 11/29/2016 - 04:34 by Eva Markewitz

As we went for the echo today, we had to wait quite a bit because there was a long line of children before us. But Bilind's mother stayed patience and sweet Bilind stayed joyful looking at the echo apartment from the top of his pile of chairs.

Finally, Dr. Alona called Bilind's name and he got his echo. His heart is in a good condition, and there is no change for the medications. He will have another follow-up next Monday and then, if the Lord is willing, be able to return to Kurdistan!

An Exciting Day

Posted on Mon, 11/21/2016 - 20:56 by Agnes Bruna

Today was a very exciting day for Bilind. First he went to a Save A Child's Heart event at the SACH house with a TV interview. He did really well, smiled at everyone, and made lots of new friends. 

After that we went to the hospital for a follow-up echo. By then his patience had run out a bit, so we had some crying. But Dr Alona was very pleased with how he is doing, and even reduced some of his medication. She thinks Bilind only will need two more echos and then he and his mom can go home.

Then we went to the children’s department to have his stitches taken out. Some more little tears, but after that he was happy again. He is such a friendly child now he’s had his surgery; he’s clearly feeling much better. His little cheeks are also filling out now, and he cut his first tooth. Such a blessing to see a child make such remarkable progress after surgery. We thank God for the opportunity to help Bilind and his mother.

Back to Jerusalem!

Posted on Mon, 11/14/2016 - 20:51 by Sue Ingersoll

Today was a day of rejoicing for us and for Bilind's mother. Her warm smile showed all of us her happiness.

Bilind was discharged from the hospital today! Bilind has put on some weight, but it is very important he continues this trend. He looks so much stronger, but is still very underweight and small for his age.

We thank our wonderful God for touching the life of this dear boy and his family! Please join us in praying for continuation of God's healing for Bilind.

New Strength

Posted on Sun, 11/13/2016 - 21:13 by Sean Perez

Today Suhail, Lorena, and I went to Wolfson Hospital to do a follow up visit for Bilind.  We were all hoping that he was out of the ICU by now, since his surgery was approximately a week ago.  As we arrived and entered the ICU, we discovered that he was moved out of the ICU on Friday and that he had already been relocated to the ward.  This was such a blessing because we knew he was having a couple difficulties with contractions in his heart since our last visit on Thursday.  

The nurse of Bilind shared with us his vitals and mentioned how his progress is continuing to increase.  This was very clear the moment you walked into his room.  The first thing Lorena and I did was acknowledge this and say "Yes, it is so," as you could feel new strength just radiating from this little boy!  There was delight in his eyes, health in his smile, and a joy on his mom that seems to always be present in every visit you experience between these two.  

The only thing the nurse mentioned was that he has an infection at the site of his incision and they are presently treating him with antibiotics for it.  Overall, even though she was very encouraged, she kept mentioning that he needs to continue to eat well since he is so tiny.  A healthy and good diet will significantly contribute to making his heart stronger throughout this process.  She kept reiterating that this was going to be important, because even though he is doing better, the strength of his heart will still need some more improvement.

In Nehemiah 8:10, it says "do not grieve, because the joy of the Lord is our strength."  And there is a thick presence of joy on Bilind and his mother at this moment, which we thank the Lord for.  But, if you could kindly join with us in prayer for an even newer strength from the Lord to rise up in Bilind's heart, that would be such a blessing!

A Little More Time in ICU

Posted on Thu, 11/10/2016 - 21:23 by Sue Ingersoll

Bilind is improving because he's being supported again. After the two holes in his heart were closed surgically, the function of his heart didn't come back perfectly. He is being given three or four types of medicine to increase this function, which is why he is still being kept in ICU. However, his tube was taken out today. When he makes more progress, he will go into intermediate ICU. His mother looked very happy to see us.

We praise our God who loves to heal for Bilind's progress!

Good News for Bilind

Posted on Tue, 11/08/2016 - 21:08 by Rebekah Yang

Today Lewis and I brought Mustafa and his father for a wound check-up by the surgeon and also to check on Bilind's post surgery day condition.

I went to the ICU around 10:45am. Not too long later, the ICU doctors started making their rounds. We heard good news that they're going to extubate Bilind soon so they asked us to go outside to wait. A few minutes later, one doctor came out from the ICU and told us to go in again. Here we saw Bilind was out of his breathing tube and now his face had an oxygen mask.

What a beautiful thing to see he can breath on his own. Praise God! Bilind's lungs function very well to keep all the oxygen hr breathes in. I saw both his hands and fingernails have become a beautiful pink color. 

Afterwards Bilind started to open his eyes and cry, presumably because his wounds ache and he was probably hungry, too. Bilind's mum had been patiently waiting for almost an hour, then the nurse gave a small bottle of milk for him to drink. Our little Bilind was really hungry. He had his right hand holding the milk bottle and non-stop he was drinking.

How amazing to see this picture. God has used medical treatment to heal our Bilind's heart. Thanks Lord Messiah for Your healing process towards Bilind.

We praise God that Bilind has been extubated without any problems. Right now Bilind still has central lines and chest tube on.  Please continue to join us to praying for Bilind's full recovery as well as Bilind's mum having the strength to take care Bilind at the hospital.

God's Grace for Bilind

Posted on Mon, 11/07/2016 - 20:57 by Lorena Garzon

Bilind's big day was today! We arrived early in the morning and went straight to where Bilind and his mother were staying. While we were waiting for the call for him to go to surgery, we sat down and spent some time with them. Then, we went outside to walk to a small park inside the hospital. 

Bilind's mother seemed very calm and strong, and we could see in her happy face that the day she had being waiting for was here. Bilind, after many hours of fasting, was also very calm and quiet. Unfortunately, his surgery was moved to the afternoon so it was a long wait for mother and son.

Finally, they called him into the ICU where they intubated him, placed a central line, sedated him and gave him anestesia. After the preparations were made, we had to wait for the surgeon. We spent this time comforting the mother as she was getting a little nervous and anxious of what was about to happen. 

God showed us His love and grace as we walked next to Bilind as he was wheeled to the surgery room. Again we had to wait for a long time; we walked, talked, and spent time with Bilind's mother. Once the surgery was over, we ran downstairs where we could see Bilind come out. What a joyful time!

Bilind's mother was more than happy and thankful for everything. We finally saw Bilind and some instructions were given to his mother for the upcoming days.

We continue to pray for his recuperation and God's healing! 

Tough Day for Bilind

Posted on Sun, 11/06/2016 - 18:51 by Eva Markewitz

Sweet Bilind was admitted to the hospital for surgery tomorrow.

It was a rough time for him as the staff took his blood and an xray to check if his lungs are okay.  The doctor was concerned maybe he has a hernia, so she did some extra assessments and we hope to have more information soon.  

After many tears and much prodding by the medical staff, Bilind was ready for the surgery tomorrow.

One blessing during the day was Bilind got the chance to meet one of the hospital clowns and shared some laughter with her. 

Please continue to pray for little Bilind and his mother, that everything goes smoothly and the Lord's hands will comfort and guide them.