Bilind's Heart Surgery


Welcome To Jerusalem

Posted on Thu, 10/27/2016 - 17:17 by Alexa Bigl

Bilind had a big day today! After his great news yesterday from his diagnostic catheterization (check out the blog below), he was ready to be discharged from Wolfson today. After removing his IV and changing out of his hospital pajamas, Bilind and his mom returned to our Jaffa apartment. However, they went back just to pack up their bags for a big adventure. They are coming to stay at our Jerusalem base for a while, along with Aram and Tamara! Our Jerusalem staff and volunteers are stoked to have an opportunity to get to know Bilind and his mom a bit better.

We have all really enjoyed our time we have spent with them during visits to Jaffa, but it is so exciting we get to welcome them into this part of our family too. We aren't sure how long Bilind and his mom will hang out with us here is Jerusalem, but we plan to make the best of the time we have with them!

Please continue to lift Bilind and his mom in your prayers. Bilind is starting to enjoy interacting with us more and more, and we pray we are examples of Messiah to both him and his lovely mother. 

From Anxious To Happy

Posted on Wed, 10/26/2016 - 20:53 by Rebekah Yang

Bilind was scheduled to have his catheterization this morning in order to continue to plan his heart surgery. Before I arrived to Wolfson hospital, both Bilind and mum were already taken to the prep room for last preparations.
After the doctor explained to his mum and asked her to sign the consent form, we entered the cath lab. I could feel his mother's heart was so scared and anxious when she put Bilind on the table. However, both the doctor and medical staff were so nice and patient. They waited for mum to take photos and also to kisses to her beloved son Bilind.

The medical staff told us it maybe will take 1.5-2 hours for this procedure. So, I decided to grab Bilind's mum to go for a cup coffee/tea and late breakfast.
At first she refused to eat or drink because she was too worried for Bilind. After we prayed for Bilind and being reassured God will take a good care of Bilind, she began to show her beautiful smile and ate some pastries.

While we're waiting, Bilind's father called. So she used the mobile camera to do a bit of window shopping with both her husband and her older son, Alam.
It's amazing to see how she changed her mood due to this telephone call and the window shoping they did together. She showed them every single shop at the mall area, including a small super market.
An hour quickly passed as we ate, and then I got a surprise call from the cath lab. They told us Bilind has finished his catheterization and wanted us back to the laboratory again. Hallelujah! What wonderful news to hear. We rushed back, and there we saw Bilind lying on the bed already awake and crying from hunger.

Bilind's mum held her precious little son in her arms and gently touched his head and tried to calm him down. Eventually at 1pm, Bilind was wheeling to the children's ward.

Thanks to God for His protection during the catheterization. Later on we learned more good news. Bilind, in fact, has no pulmonary hypertension! This is very good news because it would have been a difficult barrier to overcome for Bilind's cardiac operation. Praise God for His love and mercy on our little Bilind's life. We really appreciate you all standing with us and praying for him. We truly offer our hearts of thanksgiving to You, our Heavenly Father, our Messiah. 

As a Hen Protects Her Chicks

Posted on Tue, 10/25/2016 - 20:01 by Deborah Burke

Today was quite a day for dear little Bilind. Firstly he was subjected to a mantoux test for TB, yes a needle prick. Then he came to the children's ward to be admitted for a diagnostic catheterisation tomorrow.

There was no bed ready for his admission so he and his mother sat on a bed in the corridor for a while eating a little lunch. Bilind seemed to be taking it all in his stride with his sweet mother attending to his every need with such loving gentleness.

Not long after a bed was made available, it was time for the medical team to find a viable vein his tiny little body in which to put a cannula to collect a blood sample, in preparation for his catheterisation tomorrow. It is so difficult to cannulate these little people. Bilind's mother and I held limbs, stroked Bilind's delicate little face, played Kurdish lullabies and tried not to look too scared. There must have been about 8 attempts before success. The kind doctor apologised for taking so long. They are an amazing team at Wolfson with a big collective heart.

Just as God longs to gather the children of Jerusalem together as a hen gathers her chicks (Matthew 23:37), Bilind's mother longs to gather her family together. The best she could have today was to cover Bilind with her protective embraces. A phone call with her family had her in tears. This first hospital admission, as short as it should be, was just a little too much to bear without them. Please pray with our Jaffa community that Bilind's mother will feel she is under the protective wings of our God who loves her so much. As well, that Bilind's catheterisation reveals a good possibility for surgery.

A Journey Towards Healing

Posted on Fri, 10/21/2016 - 17:57 by Ruth Zellweger

Little Bilind and his mother are a beautiful duo. Even though I have known them for less than 24 hours, I already got to know them a little bit. And right from the beginning there were obstacles that needed to be overcome. 

Both Bilind and Aram had been scheduled to fly into Israel on Tuesday evening. However, at the aiport the airline denied them the permission to fly because they did not have a doctor's note with them. So they flew out with a delay of one day. This time they had to deal with a very long layover in Amman, but thankfully they were given a hotel room to rest and refresh. What a blessing. That time was also a time of bonding for the two mother and the two little boys, who are almost the same age. 

Sophie and I had the privilege of welcoming the two families at the airport. After a very short night, we also accompanied them to the hospital for their initial assessments. When it was Bilind's turn for the echo, the doctor took time to explain the anatomy of Blind's heart to two doctors in training. His mother watched carefully.

After the examination was done, the cardiologist took time to explain everything to Bilind's mother. He told her Bilind has a large hole between the two ventricles of his heart. In addition to this, the pressure in his arteries leading to the lung seem to be very high and have to be assessed further through a catheterization. Depending on the findings there, meaning how high the pressure actually is in the arteries, Bilind can be operated on in the near future. If the pressure is too high then he needs to wait longer to decrease the pressue in his lungs with special medications before attempting a surgical repair. This news was not easy for Bilind's mother. It almost seemed the diagnosis hit her by surprise, even though the cardiologist in Kurdistan had come to a similar conclusion before. After a while, she regained her composure. 

Bilind and his mother are resting now after these last very long and challenging days and are settling into our Jaffa community.

We pray their time here can be full of love, blessings, and healing.