Deya's Heart Surgery


Deya Admitted for Surgery!!

Posted on Sun, 09/13/2009 - 07:43 by Donna_Petrel
September 13, 2009
Today Deya was admitted for her long-awaited heart surgery. Her mother was very emotional as she said goodbye in Jerusalem to the other mothers, children, and Shevet staff. Deya was a little anxious once the admission procedure began, however, this provided an opportunity for her mother to rise to the occasion, and lovingly distract Deya during the difficult moments. I was very proud of Deya for how well she managed to endure the IV placement. Later on she had to have a blood test which proved more difficult for her, but afterwards she was rewarded with a big helium horse balloon.

Throughout the rest of the day Deya enjoyed the visits from the other mothers and children in the hospital while she played with some toys in her bed. We left her this evening eating dinner in a relatively good mood. We assured her mother we would be there in the morning with them, and sit with her through the day while Deya was in surgery. I also reminded Deya's mother that people are praying all over the world for them, which brought tears to her eyes. Let us be faithful to remember Deya and her mother during tomorrow's difficult surgery as we trust God for His care throughout the entire process.

Fun Day at the Beach

Posted on Thu, 08/27/2009 - 01:00 by Justin_Strong

Today we took Sidra to the hospital for her last echo test. It was a great day for Deya and her mother to get out of the house since they have been patiently waiting for Deya's upcoming surgery planned for next week. During our time at the hospital Deya and I played on the coin operated cars in the hospital mall which turned out to be a blast. Then we all enjoyed a McDonalds hamburger and an ice cream cone for delicious treat.

Latter on we took a trip to the ocean. As the first glimpse of the water came into sight, Deya shouted with joy from the back seat of the car. Deya was very eager to get into the water at first. She eventually let me take her up to her shoulders until a wave snuck up giving her a mouth full of salt water. However, it was only minutes before she was back in the water again. After the beach we headed home from a very fulfilling day with one another.



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Unexpected Doctor's Visit

Posted on Mon, 08/24/2009 - 01:00 by Donna_Petrel

This morning Um Deya (Deyas Mother) came to me saying that Deya had a cough, so we administered the over-the-counter medication recommended by the medical staff. Not long afterwards she came to me again saying that Deya was vomiting, so I called the hospital and arranged to take her in for a check-up. It was obvious Deya was not feeling well as she was very quiet all the way to the hospital. Deya's symptoms were checked, including the dreaded blood sample to determine if she had an infection in her system. An IV port was put in place in case Deya had to remain overnight in the hospital. She did very well up till that moment, and then she had a melt-down. The doctor wanted to keep her for observation until the blood test results were in just to be safe in case she might have flu.

After a few hours, we were informed that Deya was free to go home, and that her biggest problem seemed to be that she is not drinking enough water and other fluids. She did not need any medication, thankfully, and by the time we left she was coming back to her spunky old self. This was very good news since we have been hoping and anticipating her surgery in the coming week when Dr. Sasson returns from his vacation. Please pray with us that Deya will remain healthy, and for her mother to remain patient as she continues waiting for the surgery which will save Deya's life.

Deya the Last of Her Group Still Waiting

Posted on Wed, 08/12/2009 - 07:43 by Donna_Petrel

This evening our Jerusalem staff and all of our families went to a local park to celebrate with a picnic the miraculous reality that Mohammed, Akram, Hindereen and Sidra are all finished with their surgeries. In each case there have been extreme challenges, and for Akram and Mohammed, apart from the Save A Child's Heart doctors, they would have had no chance at a heart surgery and a full life.

The families are all very grateful to God as well, and to the doctors and nurses at Wolfson, and to all of us who have helped make their surgeries possible. Deya is still waiting her turn for surgery, but part of her miracle is again the fact that the doctors are willing to accept her extremely complicated case. We trust that in a few weeks when she has her surgery, we'll see the miracle continue with a successful surgery for her too. We thank God for all these lives and the investment of His lovingkindness which has been made while they've been with us this far.

Deya's Surgery Scheduled for August 9

Posted on Thu, 07/30/2009 - 01:00 by Maddison_Verdecia

Today I escorted Deya and her mother through a check up with the cardiologist Dr. Tamir. I was able to play with her in the waiting room while we waited to be seen.

Because of some other emergency cases Deya's surgery has been somewhat postponed. Dr. Tamir did an echo and was able to get a closer look at her heart, and he was able to give a tentative date for her surgery, August 9th. This is good news for her mom to hear, because she has been waiting anxiously and patiently.

After the check up, we were able to go down to the ward and visit with the other Iraqi patients and their parents. Deya was happy to talk and play with Mohammed and the others, because they have not seen each other in a while.


After that we loaded everyone into the car and headed back to Jerusalem, including Mohammed just five days after his surgery. I bet Deya is happy to have some other kids in the house again!

Deya and Friend Go See the Doctor

Posted on Thu, 07/16/2009 - 01:00 by Hannah_Walsh

Today Deya went to Wolfson Hospital for a medical check up. She has been feeling unwell for the past couple of weeks with a cough and slight vomiting. She was feeling a little better this morning as we left the Shevet house in Jerusalem and we had fun during the ride to the hospital. The whole time we were in the car, she was playing with her doll which eventually ended up strapped in the car seat next to her!

When we arrived at the hospital, Deya made friends with some of the children at the hospital who are being sponsored by Save a Childs Heart in Tel Aviv. While waiting for the doctor, she enjoyed playing with some play dough and from her smiles I think this was a new experience for her. She also found some paperclips which eventually were transformed into earrings!

After playing for a while, she went into to see the doctor and received a complete check up. The doctor gave her the all clear and we all returned back to Jerusalem. Please continue praying for this precious family as they wait for her surgery, tentatively scheduled for next week.

Checking Out Deya

Posted on Sun, 06/28/2009 - 01:00 by Justin_Strong

Deya had a quick check up at the hospital today to look into a cough she
developed overnight and to get an ultrasound performed on her kidneys which
the doctors requested after her last visit. Everything checked out fine, the
ultrasound was finished in a few minutes, and the doctors didn't believe her
cough was anything to worry about. While she was nervous and made a fuss
during the tests, Deya was mostly very happy and enjoyed making lots of noise
with her fancy shoes walking down the halls, until her mother picked her up
that is.


Squeaking for Joy

Posted on Thu, 06/25/2009 - 01:00 by Donna_Petrel

Deya came home from Wolfson Medical Center today after recovering from her catheterization sufficiently to travel back with us to Jerusalem. Deya was very excited to see us when we arrived at the hospital and showed off some balloon animals to us that she received after her surgery. Deya was very happy the whole ride home, her favorite part is the tunnel we go through climbing up to Jerusalem where she always squeaks for joy.

Let's pray for Vareen (pictured above at rear) and her mother, who returned from the same day of catheterizations with the unexpected news that Vareen is inoperable.

There is Hope for Deya

Posted on Wed, 06/24/2009 - 07:43 by Donna_Petrel

We all knew that today was a crucial day in Deya's treatment because the catheterization being performed would determine her operability. Dr. Tamir examined her just a few weeks ago in Amman, and I remember seeing his notes stating the numerous problems, then adding that Deya deserved the chance for a catheterization. One of the reasons we appreciate working with the Save A Child's Heart team is that they're always willing to take a chance to find life for every child. However, knowing the possibilities, I think there was among us an unspoken expectation that the catheterization would find Deya inoperable; Deya's mother had also been prepared for this possibility from Dr. Tamir's explanation of the echocardiogram done in Amman. She spent much of the time Deya was in the catheterization crying, so it was an answer to prayer to get the news that there might be a chance for Deya when Dr. Tamir came out of the cath lab. When the Kurdish translator arrived, Dr. Tamir explained to Um (mother of) Deya that he thinks Deya has a chance for correction of her severe mitral stenosis, but first there will be consultation with the surgeon and medical team to see if it is possible. Um Deya was thankful for and encouraged by this news, as are all of us. Please join us in prayer as we continue to bring Deya and her mother in prayer to God's loving attention. We hope to know the final decision about the possibility of surgery soon.

Catheterization Will Determine if Deya is Operable

Posted on Tue, 06/23/2009 - 01:00 by Annessa_Mosier

Deya successfully made it through the catheterization prep work at Wolfson Hospital today. A few tears slipped through during the needle pricks but she remained tough and fairly composed through it all.

Her small tears completely subsided once she was handed her new hospital outfit and led to her room with a bed next to her friend Vareen another patient with Shevet. Deya, with the help of her mother, quickly slid into her hospital gown. And of course the next task was to test out the beds, which Deya did quite well with a few hefty jumps.

Although Deya seemed comfortable as we left, her mother seemed a bit nervous about Deyas catheterization which will be done tomorrow. The catheterization will determine whether or not Deya is operable. Please continue to keep this precious little girl in your prayers!

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