Dina 's Heart Surgery

northern Iraq

Dina Wins Hearts as She Travels to Israel

Posted on Tue, 02/22/2011 - 00:00 by Jonathan Miles

Dina and her mother reached my home in Jordan at noontime, and I was quickly won over by her big eyes and trusting countenance. With our coworker Mary we shared a meal, during which Dina's eyes were drawn upward to the balloons hung for my son Ben's 18th birthday party. Yes, soon enough she had a balloon of her own.

We set out for Jerusalem at 2 pm, spent only two hours on inspections and questioning at the Jordan River border crossing, and reached Jerusalem safely by 7 pm, thank God, where new friends were waiting with a warm greeting and a good homecooked meal.

Dina's mother is a middle school teacher, and speaks fairly good Arabic and also some English. I'm grateful that us non-Kurdish speakers can communicate with her easily.

Early tomorrow morning Dina sets out for her first evaluation at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon. We'll keep this page updated with details.

Dina Reaches Jordan Enroute to Israel

Posted on Sun, 02/20/2011 - 00:00 by Mary_Dailey

Yesterday little Dina and her mother arrived in Jordan on the same plane that took Ahmed and his mother back to Iraq. We only had to wait around 45 minutes longer which really wasn't bad at all. It didn't take us long to identify them; Dina looked so cute in her little pink snow suit sitting in the seat of their cart.

We are staying at Dirk's home in Jordan and they are going to Jerusalem Tuesday morning. I really have enjoyed being able to spend this time with them and getting to know them. Dina is a very good baby and seems not to be hindered much because of her heart problem. She is very alert and is able to walk holding on to things around her. She is very bright and has a pleasant personality. Her mother is a very good mother. Due to the fact that the weather has been cold they spend much time in their room with the heater running and this was the best place to get some pictures of her. I got to talk to her mother a lot as she can understand some English.

The pictures I got of Dina were of her playing. When we showed her the pictures she smiled, but I couldn't get her to smile while taking the pictures! She is a very sweet baby and I'm sure that all the families and workers will really love her and her mother. Please be praying that all will go well and that she will be another child with a new heart and a new future.