Doaa's Heart Surgery

Kurdistan, northern Iraq

Welcome to the Family

Posted on Wed, 10/07/2015 - 17:21 by Annie Magnusson

Doaa and her mother arrived to our community here in Jerusalem yesterday. They were met with much joy by all the volunteers and staff. They seem to have settled here very well already, and Doaa has a lot of fun people to play with.

Next week, they are going to the hospital for her first appointment. 

I had the privilege of picking up Doaa and her mother, as well as another new child, Stafro, from the airport in Amman a couple of days ago. Doaa was a little shy at first, but after a day or so, she let go of it and started playing with us. She is a beautiful girl whose smile could make anyone feel happy. 

The first night, both mothers and children, as well as Ruth and I, slept on mattresses in the same room. This was a good time of getting to know each other better, even though we didn't get much sleep since the kids kept us awake. The next day we went to Jerusalem, which took us around seven hours by car. At some points, Doaa got bored and cried, but I discovered that playing peekaboo brings the smile back to her face very quickly. She is such a cheerful spirit. 

We are excited to have Doaa and her mother here with us. They have already blessed our community, and we look forward to seeing Doaa's journey through her surgery towards a healed heart.  

Coming Soon

Posted on Mon, 08/24/2015 - 16:32 by Sarah Powell

Doaa is a two-year-old girl from Kurdistan in northern Iraq. She has several heart defects, the most serious of which is Pulmonary Stenosis (PS), which means that her pulmonary valve is too narrow to allow for smooth blood flow. This results in reduced oxygen flow to the rest of her body. We hope that Doaa and her grandmother will be joining us in Israel soon so that Doaa can receive the treatment she needs.