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Praying for Love and Support

Posted on Thu, 07/12/2018 - 18:29 by George Bekx

Ahmed has been in and out of the hospital for 7 years. He has had a CT scan and has been operated on before and will probably be operated again. Ahmed has multiple ailments, and some deviant behavior. We gave him a piece of fruit and cake, but he threw it on the ground. He was lying down in bed with his aunt and then she kept crying. Unfortunately, Ahmed was no longer approachable because he was angry. Spending most of your life in a hospital is very difficult, so please play for Ahmed - not only for physical needs of healing, but also for him to feel love and support instead of anger. 

Hadi (pictured below) is 6 years old and was with his grandmother for an ultrasound. He comes across quietly and grandmother reacts with restraint. We also gave him some cake and fruit.

Mohammed is 4 years old and very agile and busy. He can go home with his grandparents today.

Please keep praying for these precious children! May God's mercy and love pour out over them and their families. 

Healing at the Weekly Gaza Clinic

Posted on Tue, 07/10/2018 - 21:09 by Jesse Tilman
The multitude also came together from the cities around Jerusalem, bringing sick people . . . and they were all healed! Acts 5:16
This week's Gaza Clinic started with our two vans driving in opposite directions. I went to Gaza and George and Yousef went to the Central Bus Station to pick up some family members. Three children came with me and 6 followed by taxi later. Last of all came Mohamed by their own transportation. 
At the hospital, Simon from SACH came with Dr. Sasson, the lead surgeon. A man from Belgium came with them to see the work. 
 Jaffar was diagnosed by Dr.  Basher at 5 days old and went in for  surgical repair soon afterward with success. He's standing strong now, more than a meter tall in his yellow shirt.  
Pictured next to Jaffar in the white shirt, Marwa is back for an atrial switch operation. She'll be admitted and attended to soon, though not today.
Ahmed was also in our morning trip. His grandmother had been fun to get to know the last few times she's come.  He was admitted. 
Prettt Mai in the white was attentive to what went on around her. Her family from Jerusalem came to see her, including one lady in a wheelchair!
Ali in the stroller cried a bit and didn't have the energy to do much more. They almost missed the taxi home. Fortunately the time they took to get in allowed Mai's uncle to get back with a cane he had bought for Mai's family. 
Eshaq the baby in grey was fat and happy, looking around and smiling at George. We played a lot and he was easy fun throughout the day. 
Hadi in green sat and watched the goings on. He was admitted.
Mohammed came later and joined the party. He's in the red shirt and was active. He was admitted for operation soon.
As they filtered through the system we helped them go to the nurses' station down the hall to get checks. We added their hospital stickers to the line on the nurses desk and showed them where to wait in the hall.  
Some of Yousef's family visited and took in the day.  His nephew Suhaib and his aunt came.  Suhaib has studied to become a doctor and is looking for a place to practice. I'm glad they got an introduction today and pray it will be useful for Suhaib's future. 
It was another good Gaza day and we thanked God for the blessings He gives! Families are being healed and lives changed! 

Lama Returns Home

Posted on Sun, 07/08/2018 - 22:44 by Jesse Tilman

Lama who has been with us almost two weeks has returned to Gaza after healing up. After many special moments and blessed times, we are a bit nostalgic at seeing her leave. She was the only Gaza kid to stay in the hospital for a while, though others came and went.  Her guardian was quite ready to go, and even caught up on sleep in the van. We hope to see them again in a few months for their checkups. 

Visiting with Lama

Posted on Mon, 07/02/2018 - 21:05 by George Bekx

Today I was able to visit Lama at Wolfson hospital and talk to her grandmother. Lama was sleeping peacefully. 

She expects Lama to stay for at least two weeks. I was able to ask a number of questions to her using a translation machine. She has been sleeping well but sitting in the chair gives her back pain. Her and Lama are being well taken care of by the doctor who comes by every day.

When asked if I could pray for her she indicated that it was okay. I prayed for her and Lama. 

Small Gaza Day

Posted on Tue, 06/26/2018 - 19:25 by Co-authored
Tim Carden writes:
Today, we went to visit children from Gaza, and as always, received the warmest of welcomes. To our great pleasure, Marwa was able to go back home to Gaza for 2 weeks, and see her friends and family for the first time since being there. The joy on her face was truly wonderful to see. 
Unlike most times, we only received 3 families from Gaza, who all came over for echos today. Hopefully, they will all be starting surgery in good time. Like all of the other families, they were extremely friendly, and grateful for being there. 
Abed, only at a year old, arrived today in the hope to be able to do his surgery soon. He seemed to be in good spirits, and will hopefully endure a successful operation. 
Kenan, the smallest of the bunch, was also here for a surgery, and like Abed, was looking very healthy and cheerful. 
The slightly older Yahia(over 2 years), was only here for an echo, and will be returning soon to Gaza. 
Inshallah, as they love to say here, the surgeries will all go to plan, and these wonderful children will be able to return in full health.
Jesse Tilman adds:
We thought the two children for surgeries soon would stay at the hospital, but all three that came up with us this morning returned today. 
Dr. Basher drove up with us and Dr.  Fayez came on his own after lunch.
Lama, already here, had surgery today and is now in the ICU. His guardian is doing well. 

Gaza Clinic Update

Posted on Sun, 06/24/2018 - 15:04 by Co-authored

Hassan was doing well and he is returning home today! His grandmother said that he is feeling well and his heart surgery was very successful. We were able to give him a knitted bear from England. They are very excited to return home after weeks in the hospital.

Marwa was playing in the library when we came in, but was very excited to see us and all the nurses. She finished the first two of her surgeries but she and her grandmother will be in the hospital for another couple weeks for her third surgery.

Ali is being discharged today to his home so he can fully recover there. He got a bacteria in the hospital which is very common in hospitals, but the doctors said it is not dangerous for him and his heart is doing well. His mother was very nervous about it, but the doctor explained to her that it is very normal to conduct the bacteria in a hospital and is nothing to worry about for his health. He still seems a bit weak, but hopefully he will get stronger once he is home and in his own space. The nurse also said he will continue treatment and will come back to the hospital for check-ups and further treatment.

Hassan Visits Again

Posted on Wed, 06/20/2018 - 18:34 by Jesse Tilman

Our Hassan who was admitted in Sheba Hospital for over a month recently returned today for a check up. We brought him up in the morning. 

At the echocardiogram rooms an assistant gave Hassan a look over with the machine's wave perception and made some video recordings of the inner workings of his heart and then waited for the doctor. The doctor looked them over and then did a little probing himself with the machine. After some questioning and further physical examination, he began explaining to the guardian the prognosis. Overall the only current issue is a failure to gain weight. Hassan is barely growing in weight and his height didn't look like it changed much either. 

After Hassan had an EKG done to map his heart rythms, the doctor gave some recommendations, including having more olive oil in Hassan's diet. Hopefully we will see him a little heavier and healthier next time. 

Entertaining Neighbors at the Gaza Clinic

Posted on Tue, 06/19/2018 - 23:01 by Jesse Tilman
"Let brotherly love continue. Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for in doing so, some have entertained angels without knowing it. Remember those who are in bonds, as bound with them, and those who are ill-treated, since you are also in the body." Hebrews 13:1-3
The day started bright and promising as we pulled out onto the highway towards Gaza. We were going to pick up a few of our kids coming to the weekly clinic. The rest would follow in a van taxi. They were ready and waiting at the border crossing so we loaded up and headed north to the hospital. 
Ibrahim came in his own taxi with his father. They didn't know we had a taxi for them later with everybody. He's the skinny young guy of 7 or so. We met him at the hospital gate. 
Inside, a camera crew with SACH from Chanel 2 News were on their last day of filming for a documentary. They got some good shots for an end of the week story.
Jana is in the green Mickey shirt. It was her first echo. She did great and enjoyed the time playing games, coloring, and of course trying out apps on smart phones with friends.
Remas came in pink with jewel studs. She was one of our three passenger families in the morning. She enjoyed playing with paper airplanes and getting tea with her father. Later she put on a special hijab and made her Muslim prayers in the hallway. 
Karim also came with us in our vehicle. He's been here before and we've gotten to know him. 
Marwa returned specially today. Unfortunately she has some fluid build-up and is looking uncomfortable with an extended stomach. She colored expertly and perked up a bit as she showed us her artwork. She is being admitted. 
Shayd had a cool jean vest he wore proudly before the echo. He's a cute boy with some curls in his hair. He's post surgery. He enthusiastically chased any live bubbles and grabbed for the bubble solution bottles determinedly. 
Kayed was crying off and on all day.  He's in the red shirt and was very energetic. At three years old he's small for his age. He's still pre-op and had purple lips. 
Abdullah in the white loved the bubbles and tottered after them.  He's after surgery and came for a check up. 
Daii Diah is in the blue shirt. Happy and doing fist bumps, his brown belt wrapped tight, he quietly kept stock of the hall and found the toys and games he liked. 
Hadeel is a young woman of 20 already.  She came in our morning trip with the van. Her picture is up on the wall from when she had surgery years before. She's in the blue there. She and Karim drove back with us on the return trip to Erez.
We had a good time and enjoyed some coffee breaks in the doctors office. George, Jenny, Danielle, Yousef, and I were on the Gaza team today with Amar and Lindsay pushing from the office. 
We didn't see Ali in the ward as he was getting surgery finally. Hassan was there though and it was good to see him recovering so quickly. 
We thanked God for our food at lunch time and for the amazing opportunities He's giving us to love on these unique people. They have a special story each and it's wonderful to hear from every family. I hope we can visit them someday in their homes. On the way out I stopped for a picture of the hospital's own reminder for prayer, a sculpture of a kneeling person, a beautiful flowering plant growing next to it.

Mahmoud Returns Home

Posted on Mon, 06/18/2018 - 17:26 by Jesse Tilman
"But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts. Always be ready to give an answer to everyone who asks you a reason concerning the hope that is in you, with humility and fear, having a good conscience." 1 Peter 3

Innocent Mahmoud was discharged from the hospital today. His easy going smile and loving relationship with his father kept us all at ease. We shared a little about the reasons we do the charity work we do after his father thanked us for our service. 

Mahmoud's only been there a little over a week, but they were happy to be going back to their own house. They were in the same room as Ali our sixteen-year-old and an African child. Ali's surgery got pushed back and he was a bit down, but came around as we gave him some gifts. 
We got to the park before going home and enjoyed some time in the shade trying out the playground.
We'll miss this special family!

Gaza Visits

Posted on Sun, 06/17/2018 - 20:56 by Co-authored

By Nelly and George Bekx

Hassan, who is 2 years old, had his heart surgery this afternoon. His grandmother was a little nervous. We were allowed to pray for her, and go to visit them in the afternoon.

Sixteen-year-old Ali is waiting for his operation on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Mahmoud is doing well and eating a little. He had an ultrasound and will possibly go home soon.

Yamen looks good, has a fresh look in his eyes,  and after receiving an echo today received the good news he could go home.