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Transformed from Despair into Joy

Posted on Wed, 01/25/2012 - 22:52 by Brian Mace

Several volunteers from Shevet Achim went to Wolfson Hospital today to support Adam and his mum through Adam

Praising God for Faithfulness to Gaza Children

Posted on Tue, 01/24/2012 - 22:23 by Brian Mace

Tuesdays are busy days at Wolfson Hospital, as many children are brought from the Gaza Crossing point to Wolfson hospital for assessment and follow up. Today seven children arrived at Wolfson; two were admitted for surgery straight away (Mohammed and Dema); one was inoperable (named Bara, with whom I prayed, and do please join me in prayer for this precious little one and his mum); one has a hole in his heart which is expected to heal of its own accord; two will keep returning for pacemaker checks, and the last one, Zena, a delightful and beautiful little blonde girl aged 5 was discharged from further follow up appointments as the hole in her heart had closed naturally: praise God!


Little Adam is still in a serious and precarious position, but the doctors have decided to operate (again) on his heart valve tomorrow, Wednesday 25th. Do please pray for this precious little boy; there seems to be little future without surgery, yet surgery must hold some risks for this dear little one.


What a wonderful surprise to find little Hayat in the children's ward today. Her fever has gone, and the doctors are waiting just a little while to observe her, before arranging surgery.


Delightful news for Nabba and her grandma: she returned home to Gaza today! Both are looking very pleased and happy.


Omar was so thrilled to learn last night that he would be going home today. However, by lunchtime today he had waited as long as he could and became tearful. This continued on and off until 4.30pm, when paperwork was, at last, released and he could begin his journey home. They will be so happy to join their families again.


Great news of Seba: I found her in the ward today, and her progress has been so good, that there is talk that she just might be released to go home tomorrow; but this is by no means a certainty yet.

Suhaib and Anas:

Monday (yesterday) was an amazing day, when we felt that Jesus was in control of our movements and timing. We were late departing with Najlaa (an Iraqi girl) from the Shevet house, and our plan was to take her en-route for Wolfson Hospital for her second echo, via the Gaza crossing point, where we were to collect a 16 month boy named Suhaib. However, on our way to the Gaza crossing we became aware of  a one month baby boy, Anas, a medical emergency whose approval had been rushed through in the last few days, and who would be emerging from the crossing point at any time. This caused further delay, but Doctor Alona at Wolfson, had agreed to stay on late at the echo clinic in order to be able to assess both Najlaa and Anas.

We were finally on our way with 3 children, one being an emergency.

But there was a good ending to Monday

"A Lot Has Happened Since Tuesday!"

Posted on Fri, 01/20/2012 - 00:00 by Brian Mace

Friday is such a good day at Shevet, as we get to visit children and mums in Wolfson hospital in Tel Aviv. A lot has happened since Tuesday! - 


Yesterday, we had been expecting to visit Wolfson Hospital to take a child back to the Gaza crossing point in the morning, but those arrangements fell through. However there was a great surprise, for after lunchtime Remas was well enough to be discharged, and we had the joy of collecting her from hospital and returning her and her grandma to the Gaza crossing point. Little Remas was so quiet and content, and Grandma was delighted to be going home with her.


As we entered ICU today, the doctors were around Adam's bed, considering what to do for him. There appears to be no change in his fragile condition, but he seems to be stable. This dear little boy needs our heartfelt prayers.


Hayat is still in secondary ICU awaiting his surgery. The nurse informed us that he has a fever again. This little boy could do with our prayers too.


Nabba has been moved into the children's ward and is looking good, although she is still connected to monitors. Nevertheless, Grandma was delighted with her progress, and it appears that Nabba might be able to go home next week.


Omar has also been moved to the children's ward and he's beginning to be interested in pushing buttons on equipment again. He's still a little subdued from the lively little chap we brought to hospital during the week; but he might be able to go home on Sunday.


Dear little Salma and her mum have waited since Tuesday for surgery, which was postponed due to an emergency; but then Salma developed a virus, and because the hospital is unable to schedule any more surgeries for a little time, she was taken home to Gaza today, and will be invited to return when the hospital is operating again. Can you imagine the frustration of a loving mother who has anticipated so long for her daughter's surgery to have such a wait, then disappointment, a virus, and delay? My heart goes out to them.


We met little Harzem today in the children's ward. He is still awaiting surgery, which was delayed due to an emergency.

Sunday update: I was a little surprised to hear that Wolfson Hospital asked us today to collect little Harzem and his mum and return them to Gaza, notwithstanding that Harzem has not had surgery. There are very few opportunities for surgery this week as the surgeon is going away for a time; so it had become necessary for Harzem to go home until surgeries are back to normal. His mum was understandably disappointed and found it all difficult to understand. Her love for her little son is so great that she wants him to be operated upon and to be fit and well, as soon as possible. Nevertheless, I am sure she will also be delighted to be back with her family in Gaza.


Dear little Gazal is in exactly the same position as Salma. She was taken home today as well, and invited for surgery again, later. Here is another mum who needs our prayers. Dashed hopes is a difficult thing to cope with when you love your little one so much.


We met little Seba in ICU recovering from her recent surgery. She looks so good and peaceful. However, her grandma is concerned to know when she will come out of ICU.

A Hospital Wonderfully Busy

Posted on Tue, 01/17/2012 - 22:40 by Brian Mace

Tuesday was a wonderfully busy day where 8 mums and children were brought to Wolfson hospital for examinations, assessments, and admission, in addition to those who are in hospital. On Monday, we also were ferrying children back and forth between Wolfson Hospital and the Gaza Border. Following these two visits to Wolfson Hospital, I am delighted to bring some good news on the following children:  


Little Remas is in the ward and doing well. She is recovering from surgery.


Adam needs all our prayers. His situation is not good, as he is completely reliant on oxygen and is still in ICU following his surgery. Let us lift up this dear little boy in prayer to our Heavenly Father.


Hayat is still in the secondary ICU.  His fever has subsided, and it was explained to us that he is receiving therapy to reduce a build-up of fluid. He is still awaiting his surgery.


Little Ilham was asleep most of the time, but her progress has been so good that we were able to take her and her grandmother back to the Gaza crossing point. I am thrilled for Ilham's mum and dad, who will be able to have their precious little daughter back home with them.


Nabba's heart operation was on Sunday, and it was such a privilege to be able to sit beside her grandma as she waited outside the ICU, hoping to be able to be allowed to enter to see her lovely granddaughter following surgery. Aided with little Arabic dictionaries, I was able to speak just a little Arabic with her grandma.... And today, when I met grandma in the ward, she was beaming with pleasure. She told me that little Nabba's surgery was a success.

Nabba is already in the secondary ICU, and is doing well; although her grandma is a little concerned that she is connected to a few

7 Gaza Children in Different Phases of Treatment

Posted on Wed, 01/11/2012 - 15:39 by Brian Mace

This week's Gaza report is about 5 children now in Israel who are admitted to or recovering from open heart surgery. An update is also included about two children who have returned home to Gaza since the last blog.


Five Gaza Children Receiving Heart Treatment

Posted on Wed, 12/28/2011 - 18:09 by Liliya Semenyuk

This week's Gaza report is about five children now in Israel, admitted for or recovering from open heart surgery: Eiman, Rahaf, Remas, Adam, and Mohammed.



Christmas Week Gaza Report: Giving A Child to the World

Posted on Thu, 12/22/2011 - 17:17 by Donna_West

This week

On Both Sides of Heart Operation

Posted on Wed, 12/14/2011 - 16:41 by Donna_West


Adam is a smiler. He is constantly found with his eyes locked on his mother's face and smiling from beneath his nasal cannula, the tube giving fresh oxygen to his nose. He has not had his surgery yet. 

The mothers who speak a little English tell me they are waiting for the "Professor" to come. As near as I can understand, that seems to mean the head surgeon, Dr. Sasson. No matter how many hearts Dr. Sassoon repairs, each child is a special case and he weighs out all of the details of each case and the individual intricacies for that child.

Adam's condition is complicated, and if surgery is his only hope for a healthy life, I am sure Dr. Sasson wants everything to be just right before beginning.


Mohammed remains in ICU, and has been extubated after his heart surgery. On Thursday he displayed a little tremor from time to time but seems to be improved now. 


Anas was moved to the children

Baby Jude Passes Away

Posted on Tue, 12/13/2011 - 20:16 by Donna_West

Baby Jude gave up her 22-day struggle for life this afternoon. She came to the hospital intubated and was never able to sustain breathing on her own. Internal bleeding became the final hurdle of this course that many were praying and hoping against all odds would lead to life. Our sympathies are with the family tonight as their Jude returns to them.

Updates: Adam, Rahaf, Mohammed

Posted on Sun, 12/11/2011 - 20:23 by Donna_West


Adam appeared bright-eyed and alert in the Pediatric ward today. His mother was relieved at the improvement and the prospect of surgery for him tomorrow.


Rahaf's mother was practically leaping with joy when I arrived today. She was delighted that both Rahaf and Najlaa had been removed from the breathing machine this morning. Rahaf is resting comfortably in the ICU as her healing process continues.


It was a surprise to see Mohammed in a bright-eyed state almost smiling in the ICU today. He has much to smile about. His infection already subsided enough to enable the doctors to do his heart surgery, and now past surgery this little one is already extubated and moving around as though he wants to play. His mother says she waited seven years for this child. We talked about what a precious gift he is and her delight spread from ear to ear as we spoke.