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God is Faithful

Posted on Wed, 04/06/2016 - 15:56 by Miriam Svensson
As we drove through the lush, green landscape towards the Erez border crossing yesterday morning, I was wondering who we were going to meet this day. Six children were on the list to come to this week's Gaza clinic.
The first one I met was Mohammad, who is not a child but a young man. His mother told me his heart surgery had taken place ten years ago. Now he was coming for a follow up echocardiogram.
Then I recognised little Judy in the arms of her grandmother. I had met both of them about a month ago, when the tiny baby had been hospitalised for a heart catheterization. It was so nice to see them again, and the grandmother told me that Judy is doing well - praise God.
Zead was a charming little boy dressed in a t-shirt with blue stripes. When I asked him about his age he answered with many different numbers, but his mother told me he is seven years old. He was to remain at the hospital in order to be admitted for cardiac surgery - we ask God to protect him during this time ahead. 
In the waiting area outside the ICU, Rebekah and I saw a young mother from Gaza who Rebekah recognised. She looked very worried, and we soon learned the reason for this was her two month old son, Moayad, was in surgery. She was anxiously waiting for him to come out. Next to her on the chairs sat an Israeli woman, who kept her company for a while and helped us with translation. Rebekah asked if we could pray for her and she agreed. So we prayed and spent some time with her. When we left the hospital she was still waiting.
In the afternoon I met Gena and her mother outside the children's ward. Gena's heart surgery had taken place last week and she was now ready to go home. She seemed very well and was in an excellent mood; dancing around and exploring the waiting area. She would hardly stand still long enough for me to get a picture of her! We collected her discharge papers and took her with us to Erez.
We also took three-month old Eleen and her mother back. They had been at the hospital for a follow-up.
When we came home to Jerusalem in the evening we received the sad news that little baby Moayad had not survived his surgery. Our community gathered to pray for his family, and then a team returned to the hospital to support the mother. Today, another team will help bring her and her son home. Please lift her up in your prayers as she faces this difficult time! We would also appreciate your prayers for the rest of the families we met this week. In life and death we know that God is faithful.

Gaza Echo Visit

Posted on Wed, 03/30/2016 - 20:58 by Lewis Ingersoll

Yesterday, Yousef and I drove to Gaza and picked up a four year-old girl called Gena, and a one year old boy named Badir to transport them to Wolfson hospital for their echo scans. 

Gena is dressed in a beautiful bright red coat. Badir is wearing a sweater with orange and white stripes whilst sitting on his mothers' lap. Both of the children were admitted to Wolfson hospital after long discussions with the parents and families. We walked with them to the wards where they are now staying, which meant we were able to spend some quality time with them.

Then we visited Dana who we saw last Tuesday. She was sitting up in bed and chowing down on some chips. We did not receive an official report on her condition, however she appeared to be about ready to jump right out of bed!

We continue to thank God for the things that He has done and what He is doing in these children's lives. We also continue to pray for their families as they face some difficult days ahead. We pray for His peace and His blessings to be poured out on them. Amen. 

Six Children at the Gaza Clinic

Posted on Fri, 03/25/2016 - 17:35 by Lewis Ingersoll

Yousef and I left this morning for the weekly Gaza clinic. I was driving and Yousef was giving directions.  It was an adventure but we only missed one turn. In the morning the kids were more subdued but by early afternoon they were actively coloring, playing with balloons, playing cards and taking selfies. The ride home was good as we missed no turns and traffic was light.

Deia'a was admitted today.

This precious one is Jana, and she is also not officially connected to Shevet. She was headed home after her check up today.

This little one is named Rarfif and his father is Mohammed. He was admitted today. He is not officially connected to Shevet but we will likely see him again.


Nada went back home after a hospital check up today.

Laian went home after her hospital visit to the echo department.


Dana was admitted to the hospital this afternoon.

Please keep all of these precious souls in your prayers!

Baby Ameerah

Posted on Mon, 03/14/2016 - 20:02 by Lewis Ingersoll

Suhail, Yousef, and I went to Makassed hospital to visit 3 month-old Ameerah from Gaza.  She is currently being treated for her eye condition.  She has had the eye condition since birth. After asking the mother to explain to us what the doctor had said to her, no conclusive information was determined. The hospital will continue to treat Ameerah for her eye.  It appears from the discussion that her heart problem will be addressed soon but for now nothing is clear or has been decided.  Please keep her in your prayers as the doctors examine her and decide a pathway forward for her treatment. 

A Blessed Clinic Day

Posted on Fri, 03/04/2016 - 11:58 by Miriam Svensson
A new week and another Gaza clinic. Our hospital crew left Jerusalem early in the morning with a day full of new encounters ahead of us.  
At the Erez border crossing we met sweet baby Yhia and his grandmother. The little boy was content to be held by Lindsay as we waited in the bright sunshine for another family to come. The grandmother generously shared some falafel sandwiches with us.
When we arrived at the hospital part of our team went to visit the children who were in the ward. I went up to the echo department, where I met little Leen, two years old. She was there to be admitted for surgery. I followed her and her grandmother down to the children's ward. She was such an adorable girl, with big brown eyes. When she had got her bed she sat down and played with her doll. While waiting for the nurse to call her she tried to brush the dolls teeth.
At the ward we also met tiny baby Judy. She had a heart catheterization previously done and was now ready to go home. Her grandmother spent some time with us as she waited for the ride back to Erez.
When I later came back to the echo department, I saw a boy that I recognized. I had met Motaz once before, when he was admitted for a catheterization in December. Now he was here for a follow-up. He looked suspiciously at me; maybe he wasn't sure where he had seen me.
Praise the Lord for all the children we met this day! Thank you for joining us in prayer for them and their families. We know that they all are in the mighty hands our Father.

God's Love for Gaza

Posted on Thu, 02/25/2016 - 13:58 by Miriam Svensson
This week eleven children from Gaza came to Wolfson hospital for cardiac evaluation or follow up. I got a chance to meet some of them in the waiting area at the echo department.
Omar was a sweet little baby boy, five months old. A few minutes after I had said hello to him and his mother, she handed him over to me. She wanted me to hold him while she prepared a bottle of milk for him. I was touched by how she trusted me, a stranger she just met, to hold her baby.
Next to them on the chairs, little Hamdy was sitting on the lap of his mother. He was also having some milk while they waited.
Another boy I said hello to was Mohammad. Right after I had taken a photo of him he was called in to the echo room for his examination.
Just before we went to lunch I noticed a little girl who was dancing around while the hospital clown blew soap bubbles at her. When I came back the same girl immediately started playing with me as if we had been friends forever. She told me that her name was Salma. She was so full of energy and life she was sparkling--joy just bubbled out of her.
At a table, two other girls, Haya and Reman, were playing more silenty. The smiled and nodded shyly when I asked if I could take some pictures. 
I'm so grateful for the opportunity we have to reach out a hand to these families from Gaza. Please help us to pray for their healing, but also that they all will see the love God has for them.

Nine Families! What a Day!

Posted on Thu, 02/18/2016 - 20:31 by Jesse Tilman

What a Day! We got to spend good time with nine families from Gaza and others from the West Bank as well. Riding with us from Jerusalem was a father and daughter from Bethlehem, too. Five families were able to go by taxi while three came in one van and two in another.

At the echo department we found a crowd and entered in. Clowns came by, Seeds of Peace volunteers were there, doctors and nurses were coming and going, and the families were making the best of the time. We jumped into the mix and started getting to know people and taking pictures. 
Abu Jazer we have seen a few times before and welcomed warmly. he came with us in the van:
Wissam was a bit shy but was energetic around the hall:
Odai had a good time with us playing balloons. He invited us as well to explore with him:
Mohammed W. was another rambunctious little boy in the play area we kept an eye on. He mostly stayed away from foreigners:
Dina is a great girl we have met a few times and it was remarkable to see how much she has grown:
Mohammed R. came in our last van trip. He had a ready smile all day and a mischievous look:
Mohammed J. is a very polite soul and helped his father throughout the time. They seemed very business-savvy as they took home some products and made friends:
Shaima played with our new Syrian Esraa and was very shy at first. The games we shared with her at first she wouldn't touch, but later in the day she enjoyed just those ones:
Omar was on crutches and was thankful for help moving around. His mother still got him to hand out food and snacks to others though: 
Seeing a few of the wonderful people from the Gaza area of God's world, I was in wonder once again at what God is doing in His earth. He knows how to lift up the meek and humble the proud. He is impartial and loves to bless. He cares for every living being and gives them all their food at the right time. What a great God we serve! May His peace reign in the earth.

Mohamed, Talah, Salah, and Yousef

Posted on Tue, 02/09/2016 - 23:12 by Audric Sardjono

Arriving at the Gaza clinic, it was already quite busy with many volunteers wandering around, interacting with the children and the parents who had brought their infants for an echocardiogram. It felt like the volunteers who were already there had a good grasp of the situation and were keeping the children entertained. This enabled us to connect with the coordinator of the Seeds of Hope program, which had brought 5 volunteers.

Next, we introduced ourselves to some of the families. Firstly, we met Mohamed who was a very sociable and playful child, that enjoyed bouncing a ball before making many new friends with the other children. We then met Talah, a quiet and soft spoken girl that was extremely shy in front of the camera.

As we continued talking to the families within the ward, we also met Salah, a content baby that sat happily and enjoyed our company, laughing occasionally at Jesse playing with him. We lastly met Yousef who was extremely shy and spared a small smile for the camera, however seemed quite fatigued the entire day.

All the children were safe to go home after their day in the hospital. Please continue to keep the families of Gaza in your prayers for healing and peace! 


Yasmin Travels to Another Hospital for MRI

Posted on Wed, 02/03/2016 - 21:49 by Jesse Tilman

Yesterday, I got to be a part of Yasmin’s Cardiac MRI at Sheba Hospital. She has been a patient of ours for heart surgery and pacemaker placement at Wolfson hospital. But this time, as she came as part of the Gaza Clinic, she would go on with us from there over to the other hospital for her magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) appointment.  A 15-year-old, she was accompanied by her mom and stayed close to her. She didn’t want close pictures either, although she allowed them on previous visits. So we began our journey through the day.

At Sheba, they allowed us through security, and we pulled up to the children’s congenital cardiac center to start checking in with the receptionist. She didn’t have anything for Yasmin though so she just asked us to go to the MRI department. We went up the elevator and over the fun, powered, walk-ways to the other building, and started checking in after finding the right MRI desk. She was in the system for an appointment at 12. A little later, we were still talking with the clerk about assurance of payment though we checked that her name was on their list. With lots of help and phone calls in addition to the papers we came with, it all got sorted out and we joined the groups of people waiting for admission.

From the medical questionnaire we filled out, they were wide-eyed when they heard that Yasmin had a pacemaker. I wondered if this would delay her MRI. That, the length of the wait list, or something else, did cause us to wait into the evening before her name was called. During the time we got to know each other a little better. A little, because my Arabic isn’t much yet. The test took some time as well and I was honored when Yasmin’s mother handed me her phone and left her purse for me to take care of when they asked her to enter and help, leaving behind any metal objects.

After they came out we went back to the secretary to finish things up. We did our best to hurry because it was already near the cut-off time to be back and cross the border into Gaza before it would close. We had just about the needed time to return as we went out the door. Then we heard that we would also need to stop at Wolfson Hospital to pick-up some items that another family would need going into Gaza. How would we manage it all especially during rush-hour? Before, officials at the Gaza border have helped us bring through special cases at off times. With that relationship and some prayer, we began our journey south. To make a long story short, God did help us through the evening, getting everyone everything they needed and to everywhere they needed to go. Yasmin’s doctors will consider the results of her MRI early next week.

May Messiah’s Name be lifted high as we get to show His love to our neighbors!

Prayers of Comfort

Posted on Mon, 02/01/2016 - 18:01 by Alexa Bigl

We had sad news during our meeting today. Baby Abdalla died this morning. He fought very hard for his life, and the staff at Wolfson did an amazing job caring for Abdalla during his five weeks in Tel Aviv. There are situations that God is simply calling His children home. We now turn our prayers to ones of comfort; we beseech God to keep Abdalla’s family in His hands. I had an opportunity to briefly talk with Abdalla’s grandfather today, and he is coping very well. While it was hard last week for him to hear the news there was little hope for Abdalla, it gave him a time to process and grieve. Abdalla’s grandfather had the chance to say goodbye to his beautiful grandson. Please join us in praying for Abdalla’s family.