Heart Surgeries for Gaza Children

Shevet Achim’s work originally began with children from Gaza Strip. To this day, the highest percentage of heart surgeries we assist are for Gaza patients. The child usually has four phases of treatment:

  1. diagnosis in Gaza
  2. confirmation of diagnosis in Israel
  3. heart surgery, followed by a week in the hospital
  4. follow-up examinations to ensure proper healing.

Each week, Shevet volunteers assist on average twelve to fifteen children in phases two through four, transporting them between the border and the hospital, and being present through the treatment process with meals and encouragement. This blog follows these Gaza children, their families, and their ongoing stories of healing and hope.

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Praying that God Will Open the Doors

Posted on Tue, 05/31/2011 - 00:00 by Natalie Wisely

The sun shone down bright and clear as we pulled up to the Erez Border Crossing to pick up nine Palestinian children and their parents. We loaded up the vans and headed off to Wolfson Hospital where six of the children had follow-up echos and three had echos to evaluate their heart problem and determine how surgery could fix them.

When we get to the hospital, all of the families have to present their IDs and visas that show they are allowed to enter Israel to take their children to Wolfson. Normally, this goes off without a hitch and we are inside quickly. However, today there was a mix up with one of the papers. It said the mother was supposed to go to a different hospital in Israel even though her infant son