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Harim's First Steps in Israel

Posted on Sun, 10/03/2010 - 00:00 by Jonathan Miles

Twelve-year-old Harim and his mother have just reached Jerusalem this evening (our travel across from Jordan was extended by a wrong turn into the middle of a one-way burial party).

Harim seems to be a well-mannered and sensitive young man, and also somewhat fearful as he leaves his home region for the first time in his life. I learned while we drove over that his father was killed five years ago in an auto accident, and that his mother has worn black every day since then. She has five other children, all older than Harim. One son is even living in the UK and called us to check on his mum as we were leaving Jordan.

Tomorrow we will take Harim to the Wolfson Medical Center for his first exams. Please pray with us that God will broaden Harim's horizons and speak to him of his future, even as he takes his first steps in this scary adventure.