Hastiyar's Heart Surgery

northern Iraq

Playful Hastiyar Visits the Hospital

Posted on Sat, 01/02/2010 - 00:00 by Mary_Dailey

I had the delightful pleasure of taking Harseen and Hastiyar, our two new children from Kurdistan, to Wolfson for their first appointment today, with Gadi along to drive and help. The hospital was very busy and we didn't get to see the doctor's until almost lunch time. Because of the delay, Hastiyar will have his first echo and PPD test for tuberculosis on Thursday.

The children were very good during the long day of waiting, and their mothers were also very patient. The only time they cried was when they got their blood work done. I noticed that whereas Hastiyar is very active and happy, Harseen, the little girl, is more quiet, but also happy.

He is very friendly and good at playing with other children. In regards to Histiyars heart condition we did not learn much today, and expect that Thursday will be more informative. Rick from England joined us at the hospital, bringing balloons for the children, which was a nice activity, and led to some amusing moments.

Please pray for this little boy. He's got such a delightful smile and personality. Pray that while he is in Israel his diseased heart will be made well.